Yamaha Organized 9th Edition Of National Technicians Grand Prix (NTGP)

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Yamaha Organized 9th Edition Of National Technicians Grand Prix (NTGP)

The 9th edition of the National Technicians Grand Prix (NTGP) and the National Parts Manager Grand Prix (NPGP) was organised by India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd (IYM) today at Surajpur.

The idea behind organising such competitions are to develop superior technicians and bring about an in-depth understanding of Yamaha’s superior customer support and problem troubleshooting.

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About 2493 contestants from across the country participated in the ‘technicians’ category. They also added a ‘Service Advisor’ category which witnessed a participation of 1130 contestants nationally.

Yamaha’s intense focus on :
1. Quality Repair
2. Quick Repair
3. Economical Repair

Has been the driving engine behind setting up these competitions. The aim to provide supreme customer satisfaction levels has also driven multiple dealerships to take part in these national level competitions.

Technicians are gauged on the below parameters and marked basis their skills in :
1. Repair
2. Final Inspection
3. Engine Noise
4. Vehicle Receiving (at service centres)
5. Delivery

The ultimate winner will get to compete In the World Technicians Grand Prix by Yamaha in Japan in the uesr 2020

Over the years the Grand Prix has seen increased participation from 350 technicians in the year 2010 to 2243 in 2017.

The training school at Yamaha is recognized by ASDC majorly focuses on the Economically Weaker Section (EWS) / underprivileged section of the society to generate skills and employment opportunities in the automotive service sector.

Yamaha Motors has a keen belief in ‘One to One Service’ to attain maximum customer satisfaction, enhanced professional technical skills, job explanation and care treatment of its customers. With this, every professional technician has been recognized as a ‘Professional Technical Doctor’ (quite literally as we could see technicians using a stethoscope to check engine noise ! 🙂 ) by the Yamaha Technical Academy which is its main education program.

We’re sure to be looking at great customer satisfaction levels by Yamaha in the future as the company has recognized some of the greatest technician talents across the nation.

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