Yamaha has revealed its new electric scooter named as the Yamaha EC 05. The all new Yamaha EC 05 is the result of the joint effort of two automakers – Yamaha and the Gogoro, the Taiwanese electric motorcycle manufacturer. The electric scooter has been designed by Yamaha while the powertrain and the technical features were taken care by the Gogoro. Last year, both the auto makers – Yamaha and Gogoro had entered into a joint venture with the aim to incorporate Gogoro’s electric powertrain into a Yamaha electric scooter and therefore, the EC 05 is the result of their partnership.

The EC 05 will be offered with two swappable batteries for easy recharging and replacing the drained battery with a fully charged one. The EC 05 scooter will feature two 2170 lithium ion batteries – one of it will remain in the scooter while the other one is to be rented which means it can be exchanged at any charging station across the country. The battery housed in the scooter can be removed by the rider as well for charging at home or any charging station.

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Yamaha EC 05 Electric Scooter Revealed - Features Swappable Batteries
Yamaha EC 05 Electric Scooter Revealed – Features Swappable Batteries

The exact specifications are yet to be revealed but it is expected to offer the similar features and performance as the Gogoro S2, its own electric scooter. The S2 churns out a power of 7.6 kW at 3,000 rpm. The Gogoro S2 scooter is claimed to accelerate from 0 kmph to 50 kmph in just 3.9 seconds. However, the Teaser video from Yamaha shows some of features offered on the EC 05 electric scooter which include LED headlamps, a fully digital instrument cluster, disc brake at front and adjustable suspension at the front and rear. The EC 05 scooter is likely to claim a top speed to 90 kmph and will offer a range of about 100 km with both the batteries.

The Yamaha EC 05 is likely to be introduced in August 2019. The EC 05 will be launched in the Taiwanese auto market since the country has the charging and swaping infrastructure for such an electric scooter and Gogoro operates more than 1000 of battery exchange stations. But the chance of the launch of the EC 05 in our country is quite bleak.

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