Franchise based X1 Racing League to begin on November 30

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X1 Racing League

We are all pretty familiar with the concept of IPL. There are players and there are teams who hire the players to play for them. It is with no doubt one of the biggest sports festival in India. Now, What if we applied the same concept to Motorsports? That is what the X1 Racing League is all about. It is the idea of Indian racing prodigies, Aditya Patel and Armaan Ebrahim.

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The X1 Racing League is a city-based franchise consisting of 6 teams. The Teams are based out 6 cities i.e. Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Ahemdabad and Mumbai. Each team will have 2 cars, and 4 drivers, taking the number of drivers to 24. The team will have international men and women racers and Indian racers as well. Each race runs for about 30 minutes, including a driver change in the middle. One Plus will the title sponsor for the season one and the event is powered by JK Tyre Motorsport. The cars to be used are JA Motorsports Inde 2.0 race cars, developed in India.

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What does the grid look like?

Well, history repeats itself would be an understatement. Ask Why? Its because we are about to witness the battle between Hunt and Lauda once again. No wonder if it smells like Formula 1. Sons of Legendary Formula 1 Champions James Hunt and Niki Lauda have signed up to be on board. Yes, you read it correctly. Freddie Hunt and Mathias Lauda are among the international drivers to have signed up. Other international racers include former Italian F1 racer Tonio Luizzi, Alex Yoong, Frankie Cheng, and Oliver James Webb. Women drivers who are on board include Pipa Mann, Alice Powell, Swiss racer Rahel Frey, Denmark’s Michelle Gatting and Christina Beilsen and Poland’s Gosia Rdest.

X1 Racing ESports Schedule
X1 ESports Schedule
Want to become a Race Car Driver?

If you are so very excited about the concept of X1 Racing, you too can become a part of it. The X1 Racing ESports kicks of today across all the 6 cities. I.e Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and Ahmedabad.  The simulator-based competition will be organized in Malls and Colleges from October 10 to Novermber 17. You can register and see if you stand a chance to be among the winners. There is a prize pool of 1.5 crores. The Virtual racing program aims to find the India’s next top talent, where the winner will get to train with Professional Racing Drivers. They will also compete behind the wheel of an actual race car in the next season. Seems interesting? Well, then Gamers, fire your simulators!

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