You may have herd of weird mod in cars and bikes but you may not have imagined a hot tub in your car. It’s not at all your conventional car, it’s a car with a hot tub with water which can be driven around. The Idea of a car with hot tub generated way back in 1996 by two McMaster University undergraduate named Duncan Forster and Phil Weicker with a prototype built out from an abandoned ’82 Chevy Malibu. They had made multiple changes to their requirement. The roof of the cars were off and world’s first car with a hot tub was made: The Carpool.

Parents of Carpool - Duncan Forster and Phil Weicker
Parents of Carpool – Duncan Forster and Phil Weicker

The car was a local hero for next few years and was parked in the parties and off campus until The Carpool was a prize exhibit in 2001 Canadian International Auto Show and then they had a challenge from (Southern California Timing Association) SCTA, a competition sanctioning body that maintains rules and records of Land speed racing. Who would help them in achieving the “World’s Fastest Hot tub” in Bonneville Salt Flats. However, the car could not make its way to Bonneville Salt Flats on that year or any other year. Several attempts were made to replace the first Carpool Mk I but none of them came close to racing and had several failed attempt.

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Carpool Mk I
Carpool Mk I

Time went on passing, dreams too fade along with passing time. BUT, legends never die and hunger of speed increased. In 2008, Carpool had some critical engineers gathered and finally, a 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Convertible was procured. This increased the possibilities and at the end Carpool DeVille Mk III was born. It took around six years to design the car with improved heating, controls, pool plumbing, and suspension, along with that they also had to maintain the strict rules of SCTA’s Safety requirement. The Car’s Tub was made out of using plywood and medium density fiberboard (MDF), make a negative tub mold which was molded as per the car with a heat exchanger to warm the water. The Car had to be water proof and they sealed the edges of the tub and customized the dash board, gears, and brakes along with the steering wheel with marine grade silicone caulk. How simple isn’t it? But it may not be what you thing…

A 1969 Cadiallic Coupe DeVille was bought
A 1969 Cadiallic Coupe DeVille was bought

The Development went on along with recognition and popularity of the Carpool. Though, the racing expense had to be borne by them which was around $ 10,000 which included the cost of rented tow vehicles, trailers, fuel, driver safety gears, race fees and many more other things as well. Later a fund raising program was started to meet the expense which were overburdened. However, the response was overwhelming and they received huge collection then what they had expected.

Underdevelopment - Carpool
Underdevelopment – Carpool

Now, a well-designed car : The Carpool which has been grabbing lot of attention is ready and hit the Bonneville salt flats which hit the clock @ 160 kmph in just one attempt and made it world’s first open-air self-propelled hot tub car.

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Carpool built out of 1969 Cadillac DeVille
Carpool built out of 1969 Cadillac DeVille
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