When Royal Enfield Service is as fast as their new Twins!

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When you pay for a high-end bike like the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, you least expect issues, not at least in a 4-day old bike. But as the saying goes, nothing is perfect and issues do crop up.

This was the case with Mr Ashish, a resident of Delhi. He took delivery of his Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 on 24th of January, 2019. All was well when until 4 days later he started to face issues with the indicators. They simply seemed to have stopped working. A disgruntled Mr Ashish took to Facebook to express his anger.

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RE 650 Indicator
The post by Mr Ashish

But, there was some lightning quick response from RE, which even Mr Ashish didn’t seem to have expected. Service personnel from Royal Enfield got in touch with Mr Ashish over the phone, email and SMS. The very next morning(28th of January), a team came to Mr Ashish’s residence and fixed the indicator. The story isn’t over yet. Royal Enfield wanted to make sure that everything was okay and so, they sent over another team, and they replaced the indicator unit by the evening. All this happened within 24 hours of Mr Ashish taking to Facebook, his disappointment over the indicator malfunction.

An elated Mr Ashish took to Facebook, yet again, this time only to appreciate Royal Enfield and all the people involved in getting his bike fixed in a jiffy. It is situations like these that make or break the trust a company holds with its customers. As they say, “You are only as strong as your weakest link”.

Mr Ashish, thanking Royal Enfield for a super quick fix.
Mr Ashish, thanking Royal Enfield for a super quick fix.

It is incidents like these and how the companies handle them, that differentiates between a successful company and the ones that are not. RE sure had won, not only Mr Ashish’s trust by acting quickly, but the trust of many others too.

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