Meet MODI, Waqar Ali’s Electric Motorcycle

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Waqar Ali electric motorcycle

With the world moving steadily towards electric mobility, automobile makers are investing more and more towards developing electric vehicles. The future of mobility, for sure, lies in electric cars and electric motorcycle. We already have many hybrid vehicles that use a combination of petrol and electric motor. Even supercars such as McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrai have the hybrid technology underneath them.

Waqar Ali’s Electric Motorcycle

Taking the same idea and wanting to fulfil Narendra Modi’s electric mobility dream, Waqar Ali has created his electric motorcycle. He was so much inspired Narendra Modi, he has named his bike, MODI (Mode Of Developing India). Now, that’s one acronym.

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Waqar Ali, hailing from Meerut and an Automotive Engineering student at Delhi Institute of Engineering and Technology has created an Electric Motorcycle. It took him two months to build and cost him about INR 72,000. The bike promises to do 100 km in a single charge and has a top speed of 150kmph.

Waqar Ali electric motorcycle
Waqar Ali’s electric motorcycle

Despite having a not so good financial background, Waqar Ali has managed to build this electric motorcycle all by himself. He has sourced the required parts from various motorcycles. The USD front forks, alloy wheels, turn indicators, the headlights have been sourced from the KTM RC. The fuel tank, rear panels, tail lights, the seats seem to have been sourced from the NS 200. The bike has a regenerator motor and can be charged easily with a laptop charger.

His mother says that Waqar has made the bike with immense hard work and he used to work on it even in the night when everyone in the family was asleep. While it is a long journey to a fully functional production version, India is sure to have a few of its own Elon Musks.

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