Meet the Porsche Transporter Concept – the best way to move your new Porsche 935. The “Volkswagen Renntransporter” as its artist Igor Shitikov calls it is a reimagination of the original 1968 Mercedes-Benz transport vans. One of these vans resides at the Porsche headquarters and the other is on display at the Brumos Collection, Florida. (More images below)

Porsche Transporter Concept - Volkswagen Renntransporter

With the launch of the new track only Porsche 935, the Russian artist thought it was only fitting to redesign a new transporter for it. Although, this time, the transporter design is rocking the VW badge instead of the original tri-star.

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The design renders look stunning. Most of the design elements are based on the Mercedes transporters from the late ’60s. The transporter is seen in the iconic red color scheme. It also gets clear glass side panels sporting the Porsche logo. The Volkswagen Renntransporter can accommodate two cars stacked on top. It gets an automatic foldable ramp in the rear makes ingress and egress even easier, too. But just like all concept renders, this might never make it as a production model.

Porsche Transporter Concept - Volkswagen Renntransporter

Artist Igor Shitikov says, “just a couple weeks before the Rennsport Reunion, I began to work on a proper livery and visualizations for [the concept]. And in the middle of the process, I saw the new Moby dick. And I realized this would be a perfect combo – a neo-retro truck with a cool, old-fashioned livery with two original 935 MDs inside.”

This is similar to another old (1977) VW customized transporter van built specifically for the Porsche 934/5. This one came with the original Martini Racing livery too.

Porsche Transporter Concept - Volkswagen Renntransporter

Read more about the Porsche 935 (Moby Dick) here.

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