Volkswagen India recently signed a MoU with Symbiosis Skills and Open University
(SSOU), Pune to donate a Vento to the students of the university. The car in the discussion is for educating the students in the Automobile stream. Dr. Andreas Lauermann, President and Managing Director, Volkswagen India Private Limited and Dr. Swati Majumdar, Pro-Chancellor, Symbiosis Skills, and Open University were present for the signing ceremony.

Volkswagen India- Volkswagen Academy

Volkswagen India runs the Volkswagen Academy with the intention of creating a skilled workforce in various areas of manufacturing. The Academy also works towards creating highly employable workforce through several programmes that it runs within the Pune plant and through various educational institutes.

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Volkswagen India donates a brand new Vento to Symbiosis Skills and Open University

Also, the Vento handed over to SSOU is painted in VW’s Think Blue colors. It is a programme that is concerned with efficiency improvements in production. It also deals with the expansion of environmentally aware energy supplies addressing all employees at the production facilities of Volkswagen worldwide.

Volkswagen Pune plant has already applied several eco-friendly processes and has achieved more than 30% reduction by year. The target is to achieve a 45% reduction in the impact on the environment due to manufacturing processes by 2025.

Dr. Andreas Lauermann, President and MD, Volkswagen India Private
Limited said, “We are glad to associate again with the Symbiosis family. In order to take the next step towards becoming a global hub for the automobile sector, India needs to acknowledge this skill gap issue and take collective measures by involving all relevant stakeholders. As corporates, we are more attuned to the changing market dynamics and have therefore taken this initiative to do our bit to ensure India’s young are prepared with the right set of skills to face new challenges in the auto industry. I hope that they directly benefit from this hands-on learning.”

Volkswagen India donates a brand new Vento to Symbiosis Skills and Open University

Symbiosis Skills and Open University

Symbiosis Skills and Open University is a skill development university which offers different courses in the skill development sector. The skill gap is a real and prevalent issue spread across all sectors in India.

Hence Volkswagen India Academy takes a step forward by handing over the modern Vento to SSOU for its students to have hands-on learning. This car is to impart training and understanding of car technicalities like electrical systems, vehicle dynamics, safety engineering, the strength of material etc.

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