Meet the Vigilante, a souped up Continental GT-650

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Rajputana Customs - Vigilante

Rajputana Customs – an outfit that produces alluring artwork. Oh, don’t mistake artwork for a masterly mix of colours on canvas. By artwork, here, we mean exquisite custom motorcycles built to make your jaws drop to the floor. Trust me, you will have a hard time picking it up from the floor. Now, they have produced another masterpiece – called the Vigilante. The only thing that gives out it’s donor bike – A Royal Enfield Continental GT-650 is the fuel tank, the engine case and of course, the Logo. To put it otherwise, it looks like they borrowed some parts from the GT-650 to make this build.

Rajputana Customs - Vigilante
Rajputana Customs – Vigilante – Rear
The most exciting bits and pieces

The most exiting parts of this custom build – the Ohlins sourced mono shock suspension setup and the single sided swing arm. All together, change the look of the donor bike. You expect to see the single sided swing-arm setup only on high end sports bike, not on a Royal Enfield. Rajputana have gone all bonkers with this setup on the Vigilante. They have upgraded the wheels and tyres too. The alloy wheels in the Vigilante are wrapped up with Pirelli slick tyres for all the grip you need while pushing the this beast to its limits.

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Rajputana Customs - Vigilante
Rajputana Customs – Vigilante
When one is not enough!

Next comes the Twin disc Brembo brake setup on the front. Beasts like the vigilante is going to need all the stopping power you can have to be able to stop in time. So, they have discarded the stock setup for the twin-disc setup at the front. The Ohlins mono shock at the rear is joined by the USD telescopic forks at the front. The handlebar sits lowered and looks to be a clip-on type.

Rajputana Customs - Vigilante
Rajputana Customs – Vigilante

The engine gets is own custom shield that looks well crafted for the Vigilante. Vigilante retains the twin exhaust setup, but both the pipes are routed to one side and we must say, it looks cool on the bike. The bike runs other small custom bits and pieces that aid to the overall look.

Rajputana Customs - Vigilante - On the Track
Rajputana Customs – Vigilante

The multi-LED headlamp at the front is very well complemented by cafe-racer themed doom. The Gold colored USD front forks only adds to the complement. The tail lights are brilliantly integrated into the chassis in the form of thin LED strips. The Vigilante screams “ATTENTION” where ever it goes. Rajputana Customs have executed this build really well. So well that we think it just rolled off Royal Enfield’s factory floor.

Images, courtesy of PowerDrift

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