Vespa Elettrica reaches Europe – costs a whopping INR 5 lakhs

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Vespa Elettrica reaches Europe and costs a whopping INR 5 lakhs

Piaggio has opened orders for its new electric scooter – the Vespa Elettrica. Vespa first introduced the electric version at EICMA in Milan two years ago. However, the price comes as a shock. It costs €6,390, or a little over $7,300. That is over 5 lakh in Indian National Rupees. The scooter is only available for orders in Europe for now. Sales will begin in Asia and the USA later in 2019.

Vespa Elettrica reaches Europe and costs a whopping INR 5 lakhs

The Vespa Elettrica runs on a 4kW electric motor. This is equivalent to about 5 horsepower. It is similar to a 50-100cc petrol engine powered scooters. Also, the range of the new electric Vespa is a mere 100kms (62 miles). ‘Eco’ and ‘Power’ riding modes will probably be offered to improve the range or performance. A lithium ion battery pack powers the motor. This is can be charged to full capacity in about 4 hours. A 4.3-inch TFT color display serves as an instrument console.

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The Elettrica also includes some smart features. It uses software derived from Piaggio’s Gita robot. It is a cargo-carrying rover built to follow you home with your groceries. Modifying this technology will, according to Piaggio, make the scooter aware of pedestrians and other vehicles, enable it to collect traffic and mapping data, and also become acquainted with its owner’s driving habits. One day, it could apparently recognize them without a key fob.

Vespa Elettrica reaches Europe and costs a whopping INR 5 lakhs

Electric scooter market is on the rise lately. An Indian startup, Ather, recently launched a pair of electric scooters – Ather S340 and S450. Also, Hero MotoCorp invested a massive 130 crores on Ather Energy. Read more about this here.

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