Venue – The Connected SUV From Hyundai, Feature List Revealed

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Venue - The Connected SUV From Hyundai, Feature List Revealed

Hyundai is all set to launch their Connected SUV – Venue on mid of May, 2019. The first Connected SUV, Hyundai Venue will come loaded with a host of features. Hyundai has revealed all ten technological features of the car. These features will work as it will always be connected to internet, and your smartphone via the Hyundai app. The SUV will come with an embedded eSIM tech called Hyundai BlueLink. The ten features which make the SUV called as a connected SUV are geo fence, vehicle tracking in real time, driver behavior information, share location with family and friends, share destination, speed alert, idle alert, valet alert, server voice recognition and time fence.

The geo fence features creates a virtual boundary, once it is crossed the owner is notified. The vehicle tracking in line enables one to track the location of the car in real time. The driver behavior information provides information about how the car is driven like how many times brakes were applied, speed, distance covered, where the car stopped and for hoe much time, sharp turns, high speed driving. The share location feature enables to share the location with other people. The share destination option helps to share the destination of the vehicle. Speed alert feature notifies everyone when the speed limit is crossed. The idle alert notifies when car is on for a long time, without any activity. The valet alert feature sets a geo fence when you car is dropped off with the valet. The time fence option notifies when the vehicle moves beyond the time, which was set by the owner.

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Commenting on the introduction of Global Connected Technology Mr. Seon Seob Kim, MD & CEO, Hyundai Motor India said, “We are delighted to share that Hyundai VENUE, our upcoming SUV will come equipped with the Hyundai Global BlueLink Connectivitysolution for our customers in India making it the Most Smart Connected SUV in the Market. The Connected car technology is becoming more interactive and intuitive connecting people to their families, work, and society with unlimited possibilities. Hyundai VENUE with BlueLink will create quality time and ease of life in 3rd space of customers by always being connected while they are on the go. The Hyundai BlueLink will revolutionize the future of Indian Connected Cars and we are very happy to be leading at the technology front.”

“With 10 India specific features, I am confident that Hyundai BlueLink will be the most Practical, Concrete and Convenient Connected car technology for the Indian market. The BlueLink technology will be available in future Hyundai Products starting from Hyundai VENUE, thus democratizing the technology and making it accessible for everybody”, he added.

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