The EICMA, Milan acted as a platform for the showcasing of the Vector e-motorcycle, the claimed most advanced e-motorcycle in the world, by Arc. The manufacturer plans on launching the motorcycle very soon and now it has been heard to be blessed with an investment by the InMotion ventures, the investment arm of Jaguar Land Rover, which is owned by the Tata Motors. Next major catch of Arc was getting Merica Fund Managers as an investor along with many other big names.

Here it is to be mentioned that the Arc has no association with Keanu Reeve’s Arch Motorcycle and is an entirely new venture. The Vector e-motorcycle will have an Integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI) which is a new installation in the world of e-motorcycles. A specially designed jacket also falls under the accessories and is necessary for feeding input about the rider through haptic feedback. This ensures safety of the rider. Knox, a UK based impact protection design company, has been a collaborate of Arc in the production of the system. It is clear that the Arc has a progressive goal in the matters of design and technology, and it will not be too much to expect them to be the pioneer of the new era of elite superbikes.

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Vector, Arc’s E-Motorcycle Gets Investment From JLR Of Tata Motors

An advanced helmet, called Zenith, is also a part of the set, and here the luxury helmet developer Hedon has been a partner. Inbuilt projection wi-fi connected heads-up display are its basic features, along with integrated rear camera, covering the rider’s blind spot. Voice commands are an option for controlling Zenith besides manual controls.

The e-motorcycle Vector is made up of carbon composite material which is the main reason for the low weight of the bike along with the carbon fibre swingarm. The bike is capable of covering 170 miles or 274 kms in a single charge through the traffic of the city. The highway range will be 120 miles or 194 kms. 100 kmph in 2.7 seconds can be categorized as having a super acceleration. It is going to be equipped with Brembo brakes and Ohlins damper.

Vector, Arc’s E-Motorcycle Gets Investment From JLR Of Tata Motors

The Vector’s price tag bears the figure of Rs. 85 lakhs, excluding tax and the number of such e-motorcycles to be manufactured has already been limited to 399. So, we might just have to be satisfied with photos and news. Though all details about it is not yet revealed we hope to lay hands on them soon enough.

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