Various Manufacturers Shutdown Production Due To Covid-19

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Covid-19 has taken the whole world by storm and preventative measures are being taken rapidly to stop its spreading. India jas also entered shutdown mode officially as most of the states are being locked down by the government. This means everything except groceries and medical services will be suspended. Which also being production plants will also be halted.

Due to this various car and bike manufacturers have shut down their production plant to practice social distancing and prevent further spreading of the virus. India’s largest car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki has also halted production at Haryana plants as Haryana also is under lockdown till 31st March. Maruti has two production plant in Haryana, one in Gurugram and another in Manesar, Haryana. They also have a research and development centre at Rohtak which will also remain closed. Maruti is not sure when will the production start again and it will only depend on the government to start all the services again.

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Various Manufacturers Shutdown Production Due To Covid-19

Various Manufacturers Shutdown Production Due To Covid-19. Not only Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra and Mahindra has also shut down production. Other manufacturers including Fiat, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Tata. Even India’s biggest two-wheelers manufacturers Hero has shut down production, along with Bajaj. In fact, Hero is also shutting down its international manufacturing plants in Bangladesh and Colombia.

In the upcoming days, we can see other remaining manufacturer halt production to ensure the safety of all the workers. Or either the lockdown will ensure the manufacturer has to shutdown the production until further government orders. This we think is a step in the right direction to stop the Coronavirus Pandemic. We also urge you to stay at home and stay safe.

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