Updated Mahindra TUV 300 reaches showroom

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Updated TUV 300 - Profile

Mahindra has started dispatching updated TUV 300 to its dealers. Pictures of the facelifted version in a dealer yard have surfaced online. The SUV has been on sale since 2015 and despite efforts by Mahindra, has only seen mediocre success. The TUV 300 is a bit bummer to the eyes in comparison to others in the competition. But, the TUV offers a commanding seating position, little off-roading capability, and a practical SUV feel.

What has changed in the TUV?

Though the numbers are low, Mahindra is not giving up on the TUV 300 yet. The updated TUV will be available in 5 variants, starting with T4+, T6+, T8, T10 and the top of the line T10(O). The 80bhp, 1.5-liter engine will not be available and so, is the Ricardo sourced AMT box. This leaves the TUV with only one engine, the 1.5-Liter engine in 100 bhp tune, paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox.

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Updated TUV 300 - Front
Updated TUV 300 – Front

On to the updated model, the TUV gets tweaks to the exterior in the form of updated grille design. The grille is now seen in a gloss black and chrome avatar. The headlamps too are smoked, at least on the top of the line variants. Though the alloy design is old, it now gets a darker shade. The tail lamps now receive a clear lens, thereby leaving them more pronounced.

Updated TUV 300 - Tail lamp
Updated TUV 300 – Tail lamp

Apart from these, the SUV remains largely unchanged on the outside. Expect minor tweaks on the inside. Standard safety equipment includes Driver Airbag, ABS, seatbelt warning, speed warning, and seatbelt warning.  This is so that the SUV complies with the crash test norms coming into effect this August.

The SUV uses a ladder frame architecture and is the only sub-4-meter SUV to use this architecture. The TUV 300 Plus is also expected to receive updates soon in order to stay compliant with the new crash testing norms.

Updated TUV 300 - Interior
Updated TUV 300 – Interior

Images, courtesy of Autocar India.

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