Swedish Start Up Uniti Sweden showcased the Uniti One EV

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Uniti One Electric Vehicle showcased at Auto Expo 2018

As soon as we are heading towards electrification of transportation system, the more and more companies are taking a step forward to make earth a better living place and contributing their bit to reduce the carbon footprints. This time a Swedish start up “Uniti” has come up with an interesting electric car named “Uniti One”. You will definitely fall in love with the car at very first sight. This EV earns full marks in terms of Design and Cuteness. Company has kept this car very simple in terms of design but with Smooth surface and aerodynamic build. By looking at the Uniti One it seems that company has presented the “Future” in “Present”.  In Auto Expo, Company displayed 2 seater version of Uniti One, however, India will get a 5-seater version which was showcased through virtual reality in Auto Expo. The electric vehicle will be available in India by 2020 but you can book your own Uniti Delhi based Bird Group has grabbed the opportunity to roll out Uniti One in India.

Company claims that the Uniti One is going to get world largest, most advanced and interactive smart HUD (Heads-up Display). All interaction points have been digitized to Uniti one intuitive like a smartphone. In this EV system manages all the responsibilities.

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Two Joysticks have replaced the steering wheel, which will do the things like controlling, accelerating and decelerating the EV. However, Indian customers will be little un-lucky as they will get the steering wheel instead of joysticks.

Uniti One is equipped with 22kw Lithium-ion Battery and company is very much confident that it will give the range of 200 km at a single charge. Through the fast charging technique Uniti One can be charged 90 percent in approximately 20 minutes. One the other hand if it is charged normally then it will take 4 hours to get completely charged. These Numbers looks impressive as compared to the numbers of Mahindra e2o. Other specifications are still to be revealed. But we are hoping to get some innovative features when the time comes.

Uniti One has been launched at the price point of Rs. 7.14 lakh (ex-showroom price). One by depositing a security of Rs. 1000 which is 100% refundable. As of now the only rival of Uniti One is Mahindra e2o which is priced competitively but Uniti One can have an edge over Mahindra e2o in terms of mileage(range) provide by Mahindra e2o. On the other side, Mahindra will use its already gained experience to take advantage on Uniti One as e2o is already running on Indian roads. Battle is going to be an interesting one. As of now you can enjoy eye-catching beauty of this cute car.

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