Ultraviolette Automotive To Launch First Electric Motorcycle In India

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Ultraviolette Automotive To Launch First Electric Motorcycle In India

Ultraviolette Automotive is an electric mobility solutions company based in Bangalore and the company has been working on electric vehicles. Ultraviolette Automotive was established in 2016 and its first launch in India will by the end of 2019. Ultraviolette Automotive is focusing on developing an electric motorcycle that will be superior in terms of performance to that of 200 cc – 250 cc petrol powered motorcycles in India. The technology of the upcoming electric motorcycle will be similar to the Ather 450 cc scooter. Ultraviolette Automotive will equip its upcoming electric bike with on – broad diagnostics, over-the-air updates,ride customization options and preventive maintenance.

TVS Motors had now an additional investment of Rs 6 crore in order to reinforce the Ultraviolette Automotive’s aim at engineering a performance electric motorcycle. This investment by TVS may see the sharing of technology when the company launches its own two wheeler. The Ultraviolette Automotive will ulitise this additional investment to develop the powertrains, battery modules and connected technology. The local suppliers will supply the raw materials for the battery where as the powertrain and the battery management have been engineered originally. Therefore the electric motorcycle is at an advanced stage.

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Ultraviolette Automotive To Launch First Electric Motorcycle In India
Ultraviolette Automotive To Launch First Electric Motorcycle In India

Mr. K. Gopaladesikan, CFO, TVS Motor Company stated, “At TVS Motor Company, we are committed to creating offerings with best-in-class quality, cutting-edge technology and that delights the customer. As a responsible manufacturer, we see immense promise in Ultraviolette Automotive’s vision of bringing innovative and sustainable electric vehicles in India. Ultraviolette Automotive has made significant progress in their product engineering in a short span of time and we are confident that they will build a product that will pave the way for electric mobility in the country.”

Commenting on the investment, Narayan Subramaniam, Founder and CEO, Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt. Ltd. said, “This investment is a validation of TVS Motor Company’s faith in our product and the progress we have made so far with our motorcycle. We are building a high performance electric motorcycle that brings together the best of technology and design to deliver an unmatched user experience. The motorcycle will be enabled with smart features such as on-board diagnostics, preventive maintenance, over the air upgrades and ride customization. We believe that TVS Motor Company’s continued support will go a long way in realizing our goal of delivering a superior electric vehicle in India.”

Niraj Rajmohan, Founder and CTO, Ultraviolette Automotive Pvt. Ltd. said, “We see great long term synergy in our partnership with TVS Motor Company considering the rich heritage and decades of industry experience they bring, and the innovations in design and technology at Ultraviolette Automotive. With this investment, we are looking to ramp up the development of high-end electric powertrains, battery modules and connected technology.”

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