India is declared as one among the five countries Uber has shortlisted for the its international ‘Uber Air City’ that will go up within the next five years. At the “Uber Elevate Asia Pacific Expo” in Tokyo, Uber Elevate has shortlisted five coutries after accessing countries across the world. The five countries include India, Australia, Japan, France and Brazil. For this ‘Uber Air City’ service, the company has extended its partnership with real estate developers, vehicle manufacturers and technology developers.

“In pursuit of our first international launch market, where you will be able to push a button and get a flight, we are announcing a shortlist of five countries where Uber Air can immediately transform transportation and take our technology to new heights,” said Eric Allison, Head of Uber Aviation Programs. “Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru are some of the most congested cities in the world, where travelling even a few kilometres can take over an hour. Uber Air offers tremendous potential to help create a transportation option that goes over congestion, instead of adding to it,” the company said in a statement.

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India Among The Five Countries Shortlisted For Uber Air Mobility Concept

At first Uber will launch the flying taxi at Dallis and then at Los Angeles in USA and after that the company will decide the third city from the list of the five shortlisted countries to launch the flying taxi. The sizable market, local commitment and enabling conditions are the three main principles based on which the Uber Elevate will select the third city.

The company said, “The Uber Elevate team is now inviting conversations with stakeholders across major cities in these countries, and will announce the chosen Uber Air International city within the next six months.” However, within the next five years, Uber passengers in the launch cities will be able to push a button and get a flight on demand. Therfore, the Indian passengers of Uber fasten your seatbelts to board a flying cab in the next five years.

India Among The Five Countries Shortlisted For Uber Air Mobility Concept

Nikhil Goel, Uber’s head of product for aviation, said “congestion in Indian cities adds up to $22 billion every year. Uber will be meeting policy makers in Delhi in the coming weeks to take this forward.” Barney Harford, Chief Operating Officer, Uber calling it the boldest step to radically improve urban transportation said, “My company was no longer about just car but would be an urban mobility player in every sense of the term. Uber is looking to the sky to unlock new opportunities for urban residents.”

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