Tyre damage: New way to Mint money at petrol pumps ?

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Manipulating fuel flow meter and/or the fuel flow itself to make more money is something that is not new among petrol pumps. Well, not everyone does it, but some of them certainly do it. But deliberately damaging parts/tyre so that they can make money by mending it is a new low.

Suresh Nautiyal, a resident of Delhi NCR found it the hard way and caught the culprit red handed while at it. On 27th June, Suresh went to a petrol pump to get the tyre pressure checked. The operator there, as Suresh puts it across in his Facebook post, broke the valve of the tyre. He’d also repair the other punctured tyre there.

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Tyre damage tool
The nail like object was used to damage the tyre

Soon after leaving the shop, he felt that the car was wobbling, most probably due to the wrong tyre pressure. So, he would pull to another petrol pump to get it checked. While doing so, the operator there started damaging the tyre with a small, sharp object. Luckily, Suresh caught him red handed and after frisking, found a sharp nail like object used that the operator used. What’s more is that the operator confessed to deliberately damaging the tyre to make more money.

Who is to blame here?

Us, the common public. Some of us don’t get down from the car while the operators are fuelling. Same is the case while checking air pressure – some of us don’t get down. Only a few of us do so. Some petrol pumps take a serious advantage of this behaviour and mint money. It does not cost us anything to get down from the car while re-fuelling and/or checking air pressure. But, it could save us some trouble and yes a few dimes. It is our duty to be vigil which obviously will do us favour.

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