Twenty-Two Motors Revealed Flow Electric Scooter At Just Rs 74,740

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Electric Scooter with Artificial Intelligence unveiled at Auto expo

Flow Electric Scooter: Recently, Twenty-Two Motors introduced their first electric scooter, called the Flow. The Flow electric scooter was revealed at Auto Expo 2018 with the price tag of Rs 74,740 (ex-showroom, Delhi). The company has designed the latest scooter in a retro-modern form which is highly impressive. This scooter will remind you of the old-fashioned scooter in an innovative and enhanced look. It packs lots and lots of latest remarkable features such as smartphone adaptability, artificial intelligence, electric braking, digital console, and a digital screen in the instrumentation.

The Flow scooter continues connected to the firm through a cloud-based system which allows security feature like live tracking of the Flow if someone steals it. The Flow electric scooter is developed with many latest technological advancements which are necessary for these days. The cloud-based system will let the drivers stop the scooter’s motor using an app if they recognize that it has been stolen and a different person is riding it. The scooter also features rides modes that can help you to switch between high performance and range as per your choice.

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Flow is powered by a DC motor, developed by Bosch which produces the highest power of 2.8PS, which will make it different from other electric scooter and robust electric scooters in India. DC motor acquires electric energy from a strong lithium-ion battery which has  fast charging feature. You can charge it using basic 5 Amp socket. You can easily charge the scooter in less than 4-5 hours, but it can range about 20km on just charging for 10-minutes. After getting fully charged, the scooter can run for more than 80km at the highest speed rate of 60kmph. Furthermore, the Flow comes with KERS (kinetic energy recovery system), which is technology applied to Formula1 cars. KERS improves the battery performance by 6% more.

The body of the Flow includes LED headlights, taillight and switch indicators for power saving. It also features Bluetooth Connectivity, cruise control, and a reverse mode. It comes with 25 Litres storage and 150 Kg loading capacity. Now about some additional specifications. The scooter has a front hydraulic disc brake, telescopic front forks, and high-tensile steel alloy wheels which will help you to balance while riding. It will be available in colors like Rogue Matt Blue, Couture Brown, Fury Red, Raisin Black, Moonlight Silver, and White Dove. This extremely beautiful electric scooter is specially made for the Indian customers for safe rides.

Front wheel with disc brake calipers
Front wheel with disc brake calipers

We are delighted to the scooter on roads soon and the booking has been started and delivery is expected to start in 2020. The Scooter has been much awaited not just as e-scooter but also it comes from home soil which makes it much interesting. It will rival against scooters like Okinawa Praise which has recently been launched in the market.

Here you can find our walk over review for Flow in our YouTube channel

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S. Vishwakarma

S. Vishwakarma

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