Fancy a custom livery for your Apache RR310? – Check these out.

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Apache RR310 Prices Of Spare Parts Revealed By TVS

The TVS Apache RR310 is one of the best looking fully faired Motorcycle in India. The bike was developed as a result of a technology sharing agreement between TVS and BMW Motorrad. Staying true to TVS’ Racing heritage, it shows the bikemaker’s commitment to transform the learning on the track to the road going production models.

The TVS Design Challenge

TVS had announced the TVS Design Challenge to instigate promising designers into creating new liveries for existing models. The goal was simple – to come up with fresh, new graphics and colours that will appeal to young racing enthusiasts. The contest saw many entries and TVS showcased a few on their Facebook page.

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The Entries

RR310_01_Akshay Burke

The first design, submitted by Akshay Burke liberally uses a mix of white blue and red. The white and blue colours are used in a way that breaks the monotony of the Racing Red Colour. Another highlight of this design is the pinstriping in the wheels; red at the front and blue at the rear.

RR310_02_Ayush Bansal

This one by Ayush Bansal looks as if the Apache RR310 rolled from the Factory’s paint shop. Keeping the stock racing red as the background, he has added stripes of blue and voila, this striking design. There are minuscule touches of white as well.

RR310_03_Pranit Salunke

This design by Pranit reminds us of the BMW supersport, with liberal use of White and blue. Red colour takes a backseat in this design and it looks strikingly clean overall. The USD fork too, gets a dark shade instead of the yellow one.

RR310_04_Ameya Bhoi

Ameya Bhoi manages to make the Apache RR310, look like an Italian supersport. The use of white across the fairing and the tank and subtle touch of green transforms the nationality of the RR 310. He has also used different alloys at front and rear and an aftermarket exhaust too in his work and we love it. There is matching pinstriping on the wheels too.

RR310_05_Arghyadeep Gosh

This one by Arghyadeep transforms the Apache RR310 into a track monster. There is liberal use of white on the top and the red remains stock at the bottom. The TVS logo is large and runs from the tank across the fairing. The white and red chequered flag kind of scheme blends perfectly in the design. The pinstripe on the alloy is thick and aids in making this look like a track beast.

RR310_06_Kaustav Chakraborty

The final one in the list, by Kaustav is very simple and clean. So clean that it looks as if it is a stock paint option. The fairing is done in white with the TVS Racing logo and the stock red takes the background. This one already looks like its ready for production we would love to have one.

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