Covid19: TVS resumes manufacturing operations with safety measures

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TVS Apache RR 310 And NTORQ 125 - Launched In Nepal

TVS Motor Company reopens all the factories in the country and resumes production amid lockdown and safety concerns. The company has resumed the manufacturing operations of the factories in Hosur, Mysuru, and also Nalagarh.

TVS Motor Company also assures the safety of the employees and the community is of paramount importance. An extensive set of new rules can be found in the comprehensive preparedness manual designed for employees to ensure adherence to the necessary safety guidelines. This will drastically help in curbing the spread of the virus and keep everyone safe.

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Some of the preventive measures taken at the workplace include appropriate social distancing and regular sanitization. This ensures a safe workplace for the employees while maintaining high standards of hygiene. Apart from that, work from home option also continues for a certain category of employees to further help in minimizing the spread of the virus.

All the industries were shut down for over a month following the government’s order for a lockdown. However, the restrictions are being slowly lifted to bring the economy back to a normal state. Even though companies can resume manufacturing, certain industries like the automobile industry still face a big problem when it comes to sales and distribution. Hence SIAM, ACMA, and FADA had jointly appealed the Ministry of Home Affairs to remove restrictions on the distribution network as well as the dealers. The letter highlights the contribution of the automobile sector to the Indian government. With USD 120 billion in turnover, the sector contributes 7% to India’s GDP, 49% to the manufacturing output, and creates employment for over 3.7 crore people, directly and indirectly


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Amith Gowda

Amith Gowda

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