TVS Motors gifts an Apache RR 310 to biker affected by COVID-19

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An Indian YouTuber by the name Shakir Subhan or ‘Mallu Traveller’ who was on a world tour on his TVS Apache RTR 2004v had to cut short his ride due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, he had to leave his motorcycle at Azerbaijan and take a flight back home via Dubai. Hence, TVS Motors has gifted him with a brand new TVS Apache RR 310 motorcycle.

Shakir started his long motorcycle journey in October 2019 and had reached Azerbaijan after crossing countries like Iran. Shakir was denied entry into Georgia as he had crossed through COVID-19 affected countries like Iran and was asked to return to Azerbaijan. Left with no other choice, Shakir had to leave his motorcycle at Azerbaijan and fly back home. He was also self quarantined after returning home for a few days to make sure he was not infected and to not risk the spread of the virus.

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After being made aware of the incident, TVS Motors has gifted Shakir with a brand new BS6 version of the TVS Apache RR310 worth Rs 2.4 lakh (ex-showroom). Shakir also has a video on his YouTube channel thanking TVS Motors for the generous gift. He also mentions that he will resume the world tour after the pandemic situation is under control.

Let the bikes rest. We urge all our readers to practice social distancing and not venture outside for a few days to prevent the spread of the virus and help save lives. Simple steps we take today can help us prevent the situation from escalating to the heights we see in other countries.


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Amith Gowda

Amith Gowda

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