Indian Biking is more upfront towards the performance oriented machines and gone are the days when people were much oriented towards the commuter bikes and fuel efficient runners (no more KITNA DETI HAI). Recently, TVS has launched the Apache RTR 200 4V and to compliment it more as race track machine, TVS later launched the Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition and guess what? The new Race edition TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is coming with a Fuel Injector and A-RT Slipper Clutch (Bang on! Right into the target). Well, the bike is pretty similar in terms of design except for the HAWA ROKO YANTRA Opps! That’s a baby fly screen. The newly launched Apache has a direct rival from Yamaha that is FZ25 – a 250CC street fighter. The Yamaha machine has been in the market for quite long time and has gathered attention of riders. But how a 250 CC is against a 200? That’s because they both have common Street fighter design, performance, and yes the pricing.

Design – Everything is about looks and road presence

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The Yamaha FZ25 has every component to look great. It has surely more steroids than the TVS Apache 200 Race Edition and huge road presence (a personal experience) on the other hand the Apache is a sleeky yet doesn’t loose any muscle. The FZ25 has all LED headlamps, a complete digital instrumentation which has a digital speedo meter, tachometer, odometer, trip meter, Clock, fuel gauge and fuel consumption meter but importantly misses the gear position indicator. Surprisingly the display unit is pretty small and could have been proportionated well.

Whereas the Apache has a usual halogen headlamp with LED DRLs and a raised fly screen which gives it more sportier presence. The Apache too has a digital instrumentation which is comparatively bigger to what FZ25 offers and it’s more informative with additional gear position indicator but doesn’t feature any fuel consumption meter.

Comparison TVS Apache 200 4V Race Edition head to head against Yamaha FZ25
The Headlamps in FZ25 are LED but still tries hard to prove itself. While the digital console looks too small and unreadable

Both the bike comes with a split seat setup although we felt the Apache to be more practical and comfortable. LED tail lamp is featured in both the bikes with distinctive grab rail at the rear. The FZ25 has a very well balanced muffler with decent exhaust note while the Apache carries a dual exhaust muffler but misses the refinement.

Power! – On demand

Both the street fighter are well balanced and has quite similar figures in terms of the power and both of them come with a Fuel Injector System. The FZ25 is powered with a 249 CC Air cooled, 2 Valve engine which makes a peak 20.9 PS @ 8000 RPM with a peak torque of 20Nm @ 6000 RPM. The Apache comparatively has a 197.8 CC Oil cooled, 4 Valve engine which generates 21 PS @ 8500 rpm with a max torque of 18.1 @ 7000 RPM. Both mated to a 5 speed transmission. Well, the FZ25 has more torque and that too with lower RPMs which helps the bike to rev up more and requires less shifting of gears in the city traffic. The Apache on the other hand has more power than a higher capacity FZ25. Add on to it the apache also comes with an A-RT (Anti-Reverse Torque) Slipper clutch.

Comparison TVS Apache 200 4V Race Edition head to head against Yamaha FZ25
Comparison TVS Apache 200 4V Race Edition head to head against Yamaha FZ25

Other Specifications

The FZ25 loads on a diamond frame chassis whereas the Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition is fitted with Double Cradle Split Synchro STIFF which is more race track derived. The Suspension is a Telescopic fork at the front and Monoshock at the rear for both the bikes. However, while riding them we felt the apache to have stiffer suspension while the FZ25 has much city suited suspension setup. The braking though has been balanced very well in the duo. The FZ25 features 282mm disc brake at the front while 220mm disc at the rear. On the other side Apache features a 270mm disc at the front and 240mm disc at the rear and additionally it comes with ABS as optional which Yamaha FZ25 misses out. We have jolted a detailed spec comparison for better overview.

Comparison TVS Apache 200 4V Race Edition head to head against Yamaha FZ25
Comparison TVS Apache 200 4V Race Edition head to head against Yamaha FZ25


While we rode both the bikes, significantly the breaking is more responsive in TVS Apache 200 Race Edition (Thanks to the ABS) although gear shifting was much smoother is FZ25 compared to the Apache. Both the bikes handle the pressure at the corner very well but it was Apache 200 which took the feather. The FZ25 and Apache may generate similar power but the additional torque from FZ25 pays out when you are reving up while at the top gear and you feel like coming more (Thanks to the more torque at lower RPMs). While Apache bit feels losing the pace here. Interestingly, both the bikes had very lower level of NHV but the FZ25 was more impressive with its smoother ride.

Comparison TVS Apache 200 4V Race Edition head to head against Yamaha FZ25
Comparison TVS Apache 200 4V Race Edition head to head against Yamaha FZ25

Price ???

Well, surprisingly the TVS Apache here moved ahead with the impressive price tag of INR 1,09,485/- with ABS. However, the Yamaha is prices at a premium of around 10,000 at a price tag of INR 1,19,335/-. Howdy, that’s too close isn’t it? The TVS has more to offer while the FZ25 has better road presence with its 140 section rear tyres.

WheelBHP Pick!

The bikes are no less of a masterpiece and compliments each other in every area. The Yamaha FZ25 has a powerful engine with a strong amount of torque and has good road presence along with well suited ergonomics. While the Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition has every components to make it a perfect buy with more race track machine element which can also be used for city rides. The numbers and performances of both the bike are very neck to neck and can give you serious confusion. So let’s help you out! In case you are planning to buy between these two you must consider your need. Someone who prefers and smoother city rides with quick shifts and more of a commuter with performance can go ahead with the Yamaha FZ25 and the other one who are ok with stiffer suspension setup and wants more like of race machine should consider the Apache. The FZ25 is more practical and can give you goose bumps while you ride it. However. The Apache RTR 200 4V Race Edition is more value for money.

Specification Comparison

Specification Comparison

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