A shocking accident took place on the Agra Expressway, which involved a TVS Apache catching flames while on the run. Aditya Tiwari, a journalist uploaded the video on his twitter handle, which showed a Police Control Room (PCR) van chasing the burning bike and stopping it.

TVS Apache Catches Fire On Highway - Police Follow And Stop The Tragedy

The policemen started chasing the bike before it was on fire, suspecting something wrong. The PCR van started chasing the bike, right away putting on the hooter, so that the biker would know. On the other side, the rider was completely unaware of the fire. The rider was riding with a pillion and a kid. The cops rush with a fire extinguisher and removed the clothes and flaming plastic bags away from the bike. Policemen successfully stopped the rider and saved the family.

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What caused the fire? The ride was carrying lots of luggage at the motorcycle rear, polythene bags, clothes, etc. The plastic bags were right above the exhaust of the bike and were touching it. The contact with exhaust made the bags catch fire and it started increasing over the other bags. Placing plastic bags or even any bag of the sort around the engine or exhaust is highly dangerous. One should always use saddlebags and tank bags which are specifically made for the purpose. Dangling and hanging bags are always highly dangerous.

TVS Apache Catches Fire On Highway - Police Follow And Stop The Tragedy

Even with the heat shield on, the exhaust gets very hot, especially in summers where temperature rises up to 40 degree Celsius. In order to make sure that this won’t happen to you, it is better to always use saddlebags for carrying luggage on a motorcycle. Also, avoid using plastic bags or inflammable material to wrap your luggage. Also, it is advised to not tie or hang any luggage close to the exhaust.

TVS Apache Catches Fire On Highway - Police Follow And Stop The Tragedy

Coming back to the incident, had the cops not noticed and stopped the burning TVS Apache, it would have resulted in a major disaster.
The rider and pillion were lucky that the cops spotted them. They had no clue about the situation and might continue to right along for longer.

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