Triumph Factory Customs – Triumph Rocket III Revealed

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Triumph Factory Customs - Triumph Rocket Revealed

Triumph Motorcycles came out with the Triumph Rocket III back in 2004. It made its name as the largest capacity production motorcycle with its 2,294 three cylinder engine. Now, Triumph has unveiled a Triumph Factory Customs (TFC) version of the Rocket III.

Triumph Factory Customs - Triumph Rocket Revealed

TFC is an in house customization department in Triumph. It started out as a competition between two teams at the Triumph Motorcycles Hinckley HQ. It now includes the all new Rocket III TFC and also the Thruxton TFC.

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The original Rocket III boasts a massive 2,294cc inline-three cylinder engine churning out 148hp at 5,750rpm and 221Nm of torque at 2,750rpm. For the TFC edition, Triumph took the already largest capacity motorcycle engine and made it bigger! The new TFC Rocket III is rebored and stroked out to 2,500cc. This means each cylinder is a massive 833cc.

Apart from the engine, the limited edition will also sport carbon fiber windscreen at the front. We can also see mono-shock rear suspension and single-sided swingarm being used in the images. It will also sport Arrow exhaust with carbon fiber covers.

Triumph Factory Customs - Triumph Rocket Revealed

The chassis is also reworked to match the handling to the increased power. The riding ergonomics are also different with a single seat, wider handlebars, and repositioned footpegs. The TFC Triumph Rocket III will also be an ultra-limited edition. Triumph plans to make only 750 of these.

Riding the old Rocket III is a unique experience as it provides great pull at any gear thanks to all the torque kicking in at an extremely low rpm. Now we can only wonder what riding a bigger and badder version of the Rocket III feels like.

Triumph Factory Customs - Triumph Rocket Revealed

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Amith Gowda

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