Trek Bicycles Launches FX-Series Hybrid Cycles For Fitness Aficionado’s

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FX 3 Disc - priced at INR 62,799

Is Fitness your daily mantra? Or let’s just say are you a fitness aficionado? If yes we have got you good news. Trek Bikes have launched 5 Hybrid bikes under their FX Series. Well, these aren’t your regular bikes, they can help you stay fit while doing daily commute or just early morning rides to enjoy nature.

What exactly is a Hybrid bike? Trek Bikes states that it offers the speed of a road bike, the versatility of a city bike. And all of that is backed up by a lifetime warranty. So you don’t ever have to worry about breakdown or repair costs.

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FX 1 - priced at INR 32,199
FX 1 – priced at INR 32,199

The FX Series gets a total of 5-Bikes – FX 1, 2, 3 and FX 2 Disc & FX 3 Disc. The 2019 FX series starts at a price of INR 32,199 for the FX 1 and goes all the way up to INR 62,799 for FX 3 Disc. FX series focuses on three main things – performance, comfort and utility. The Alpha Gold Aluminum frame is very lightweight and patented by Trek, it also gets carbon forks, IsoZone gel handlebars and grips, tubeless ready rims and puncture-resistant tyres.

FX 2 - priced at INR 36,299
FX 2 – priced at INR 36,299

The feature list doesn’t stop here, FX series comes with DuoTrap S compatibility which integrates a Bluetooth/ANT + sensor into the frame to provide log routes and tracks fitness progress on your computer or smartphone with no external sensor. Now that’s great to track your daily routine and runs and measure fitness levels. The IsoZone Handlebar absorbs the road bumps and gives more control for a comfortable ride along with Carbon fork technology, which swoops forward towards the dropouts, absorbs vibrations from the road to the rider’s arms don’t fatigue as quickly and rider can continue long commutes easily.

Navneet Banka, Country Manager, Trek Bicycle India commented on the launch, “FX series is a high-class fitness bike with proven road technology and a classy component package from our hybrid bike portfolio. Like every Trek bicycle, it’s backed by a lifetime warranty and supported by a wide network of retail partners & company trained technicians. We continue our commitment of providing Trek’s global products fitted with the latest technology to the growing base of cyclists in India.”

Other features of the FX Series in Detail:

Alpha Gold Aluminium

A lightweight Alpha Gold Aluminium frame is known for the high-performance aluminium with manipulated tube shapes which provides the perfect balance for strength and weight savings.

FX 2 Disc - priced at INR 42,399
FX 2 Disc – priced at INR 42,399

DuoTrap S Compatible

DuoTrap S Integrates a Bluetooth/ANT + sensor into the frame which provides Log routes and tracks fitness progress on your computer or smartphone with no external sensor. It works with all major ANT + wireless players, including Bontrager, Garmin, PowerTap and SRM.

Rack & mudguard ready

Built-in mounts make it easy to add racks and mudguards for added versatility

IsoZone Handlebar and Grips

The exclusive vibration-damping IsoZone material helps in absorbing road bumps and buzz and gives more control for an incredibly comfortable ride

FX 3 - priced at INR 51,599
FX 3 – priced at INR 51,599

Carbon Fork

Lightweight fork with carbon fibre legs which soaks up hand-numbing road vibration for a smoother ride. The key factor of the Carbon Fork is to absorb vibrations from the road so your arms won’t fatigue quickly.

Blendr-compatible stem

Bontrager Blendr stem technology is the ultimate integration system that provides easy installation to clip your gear directly to the stem for clean looks, maximum user friendliness.

Tubeless Ready Rims

Bontrager TLR Road is the first fully integrated tubeless system for road wheels. When you go tubeless with TLR, it lowers the tyre pressure for increased traction and comfort without the threat of pinch flats

Puncture-resistant tyres

Tough Bontrager Hard-Case helps keep punctures from slowing down.

FX 3 Disc - priced at INR 62,799
FX 3 Disc – priced at INR 62,799

The Disc variant offered in FX 2 and FX 3 get some additional features like:

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes offer the absolute strongest stopping power during wet and muddy conditions

Ergonomic Grips

Specially designed grips take the hand shape into account for more comfort and greater control

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