The Toyota Supra is one of the highly anticipated launched in 2019. Supra has a very rich history and heritage in the world of cars. Toyota is set to launch the next-gen Supra in January 2019. But here is a quick look at its race car cousin.

New Toyota Supra with the Super GT Make-Over teased

Japan’s Super GT series sees cars of all types competing in it. Toyota will be racing the Super GT Supra in the 2019 version of the Super GT series. Gazoo Racing Masters of Nurburgring (GRMN) – a Toyota racing division will be building all Supra cars.

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It is hard to make out a lot of details from the teaser image. But what we can see is a muscular car with giant wings and rear diffusers. It also looks like it has giant vented wheel arches. This is partly what the Super GT series is known for, taking ordinary cars and adding giant wings and other parts.

Earlier this year we were also treated with a preview of the new Supra NASCAR. This was not the real Supra but a stock NASCAR with new Supra’s headlights and a Supra signature.

New Toyota Supra with the Super GT Make-Over teased

On the other hand, Toyota has confirmed that the new Supra will run on a BMW sourced engine. It is said to be a re-tuned BMW straight six twin turbo motor. This probably will output an estimated 450bhp power. The production car will come with a GRMN badging.

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