Top 5 Things To Know About The New Bajaj Chetak

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Top 5 Things To Know About The New Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Chetak was a hugely popular and successful product. It started its production in 1976 and continued all the way to 2006 before discontinuing. The era was changing and new gearless scooters were the trend. Bajaj just all together withdraw from the scooter segment and focused on their motorbike range.

But various people wanted Bajaj Chetak to make a comeback, almost all of us some childhood memory with Bajaj Chetak. Finally, Bajaj decided to pull the plug, and they relaunched the Brand “Chetak”. Though only the name carries the nostalgia, everything else about the scooter is ready for the future. And we are going to tell you 5 things you need to know about the new Bajaj Chetak.

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1. Design

Top 5 Things To Know About The New Bajaj Chetak

Let’s talk design first. How does it look? Does it have that retro charm? The answer would be Yes! The Bajaj Chetak looks elegant and classy. The whole design has curves and looks somewhat like what we see on offerings from Vespa, but nevertheless it is refreshing and will turn many heads. It gets and round LED headlamp with LED DRLs. It also gets Chetak branding at the front.

The rear of the Chetak looks unique with a set of split tail lamps on either side. The setup will look great at night and will give the scooter a modern look. It also gets LED scrolling turn indicators along with premium mirror stalks.

2. Powertrain
Top 5 Things To Know About The New Bajaj Chetak

The new Bajaj Scooter is not powered by a petrol engine. Wait for what? Yeah, you heard that right, the legendary Chetak has gone all-electric! So the power now comes from a 4kW electric motor. The battery is Lithium-ion and has an IP67 rating. The engine is mated to an automatic gearbox. The scooter also gets a reverse mode for difficult situations while parking.

3. Features

Top 5 Things To Know About The New Bajaj Chetak

Back in the day, the Chetak had good old speedometer and an odometer. But times have changed, this time the Chetak comes loaded with features. The instrument cluster now has a lot more info, it’s a digital unit with negative display. It gets features such as locating the scooter, theft protection, receiving notification in case of an accident or unauthorized access. You can also receive smartphone notifications and control music from the scooter.

4. Charging times and Range

The matter of concern for everyone when it comes to electric vehicles is the charging times and the overall range. Bajaj claims to have a range of 85km in Sport mode and 95km for the Eco mode. Bajaj also claims that the ARAI test figures will be higher than these. These figures are good enough for a scooter and doing city runs.

Charging times are about 5 hours to fully charge with a 5-ampere basic home power outlet. As of now, this is the only charging option Bajaj has talked about.

5. Launch Date and Price

The scooter will launch somewhere around starting of the next year. The first cities to get the scooter will be Pune and Bengaluru. The pricing of the Scooter is expected to be north of 1 Lakh but not too much as Bajaj will keep the price competitive. As Rajiv Bajaj said the price will be attractive, not aggressive. The main rival to the Bajaj Chetak will be the Ather 450.

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