PUBG Maniac? We Show You The Best 5 Cars In The Game And Their Real Life Inspiration

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PUBG Maniac? We Show You The Best 5 Cars In The Game And Their Real Life Inspiration

With over 600M+ downloads and around 15 million daily users in India, PUBG Mobile is one of the most played mobile game in India. I’m sure most of you reading this already have played it sometime or still play it. Users of Pubg has increased as most of us are in our home. But why are we talking about a game?

The answer is simple, the game has Vehicles. And we talk about everything related to automobiles. So today we go through the list of most popular Cars in PUBG. We will also talk about the Cars they are inspired by in real life. We will mainly focus on main maps and the cars in it namely – Erangel and Miramar.

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1) UAZ – UAZ469

First of all, bet you didn’t know the full form. It stands for Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod. That apart let’s talk about the vehicle in the game first. It’s a proper old school jeep/SUV with excellent off-road capability. Off the road, you will be as fast as tarmac in the UAZ. It handles really well and is a proper four-wheel-drive car. It is very hard to roll over a UAZ in-game, it consumes more fuel and is a bit too noisy hinting its old school motor. The game has three versions of it, hardtop, close top and soft top.

So how does the original UAZ look like? Exactly the same. The UAZ automobile manufacturer based in Ulyanovsk, Russia, and the PUBG Vehicle is based on their Model UAZ469. It was an off-road military vehicle which was first introduced in 1971, and they kept manufacturing it for the Rusian army till 2011. It was powered by a 2,445cc inline-four engine petrol engine which made a decent 75hp. Even our own army used the UAZ469 for a while.

2) Dacia 1300

Well at first glance Dacia looks like some old school sedan. And this one too as UAZ is lifted straight up from a real car. In the game it’s a nice alternative to UAZ, but only if you wanna go through roads. It also has a higher top speed and better stability on the road, but as soon it gets off it, it rolls and becomes unstable and also cannot climb inclines as eagerly as the UAZ.

Dacia 1300 was manufactured by the Romanian automaker Dacia. The production started in 1969 and went all the way till 2004. The number ‘1300’ stood for engine displacement. Although it came with different engine options at different time, the main engine was the 1289cc engine which made 54ps of power and 94Nm of torque. Dacia 1300 was known to be low maintenance, cheap to buy a car.

3) Pickup – Ford Bronco

PUBG Maniac? We Show You The Best 5 Cars And Their Real Life Inspiration

The Pickup is to Miramar what UAZ is to Erangel. It’s a capable off-roader and comes in two variant. An open-top variant and a closed top. Miramar is full of hills and this pickup conquers them with good power and excellent suspension. Although it’s not as fast and good handling to make getting away from enemies easy.

PUBG Maniac? We Show You The Best 5 Cars And Their Real Life Inspiration

The Pickup is mostly based on 1970s Ford Bronco it has some hints of Chevrolet K5 Blazer. Ford Bronco was in production from 1965 to 1996, and it was two-door full-size SUV, it also came in pickup truck format. Powering the Bronco was a 2786cc inline-six engine which made 105 hp and was mated to a 3-speed column-mounted manual transmission. Although Ford later offers more powerful V8 with it too. The good news is that Ford is ready to bring the Bronco back in 2021.

4) Mirado – First Gen Ford Mustang

Yes PUBG does get a muscle car, The Mirado, found in Miramar desert. It’s the best way to look cool in an open-top Mirado while going with your squad. Mirado is for someone who likes highways and wants to stick on open long roads of Miramar, because of its blazing-fast there. But just don’t even think about taking these long muscle car off the road.

Mirado looks very familiar it has a similar Muscle car look of the 70s. It is based on the first-generation 1964 Ford Mustang, which is a collectors car on its own. It was a typical American Muscle car, with a long hood and short rear ends. Powering it was a 2.8L engine at first with just 101bhp, but later it even upgraded to a 4,7L V8 which made 210hp. Ford Mustang also became the arch-rival of Chevrolet Camaro for years to come till now.

5) Van – Volkswagen Type 2

PUBG Maniac? We Show You The Best 5 Cars And Their Real Life Inspiration

Teamed up with your enemies? Want to ferry them along with your team, no worries the Van solves all your problems. With seating space of up to 6 people, you can cram in your new friends. That’s about it, do not think of being fast as it has extremely slow acceleration and poor handling. The engine is puny and it struggles offroad. Although if blown up it serves as a good cover due to its length and height.

PUBG Maniac? We Show You The Best 5 Cars And Their Real Life Inspiration

The Van is undoubtedly based on Volkswagen Type 2/ Volkswagen Camper. You sure must have seen them in some movie, they are famous. The first generation Type 2 was introduced way back in 1950 and was Volkswagen second car after the Beetle (Type 1). They were powered by a 1,131cc flat-four cylinder boxer engine which made the only 24bhp. The engine was at the rear as the Beetle. As the name goes people used to go Camping in these, as they would take the whole family and luggage in it easily.

That’s it for the Cars in PUBG and their real-life counterpart. Almost all of them are from the 1950s to the 90s era. This helps us appreciate the fact that how reliable and significant these cars were on their own in that era and even today are remembered, either being in games as popular as PUBG or either being in some enthusiasts garage.

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