[Video] Meet the “Not So Usual” Volkswagen – The 2020 Race Polo

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Volkswagen Motorsport India, the Indian racing arm of the German car manufacturer unveiled their 2020 Race car at the Auto Expo. Currently in their 11th year of successful running, Volkswagen has done a full circle, back to the Polo days, which was the first car with which they announced their one make championship. The one make series started in the year 2010 with the Volkswagen Polo. After 5 years, they switched to the Vento Cup in 2015, before they moved on to the Ameo Cup in 2017. After 3 years with the Ameo Cup, they have now gone back to the Polo days.

2020 race polo
The Race Polo

What’s special about this Polo?

One word – Everything! Only the body shell and a few other mechanical components are taken from the regular Polo. Everything else is either stripped down to reduce weight or upgraded for performance. This Race Polo has its engine from the Polo GTI and is tuned to produce 210 PS and 350 Nm of Torque. It has a special feature called as “Push To Pass” where the drivers get an additional boost, and the power goes up to 230 PS for a few seconds to aid the drivers in overtaking.

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race polo interior
The “No So Ususal” Interiors

The “Not So Usual” specifications

The engine is coupled to a 6-Speed sequential gear box from 3MO. This Polo runs on racing alloys that are shod with racing slick tyres from MRF. There is nothing stock on the inside too! The interior is completely stripped out of all the comfort creatures. The car gets 3-spoke racing steering wheel and paddle shifters. It has a OMP racing seat with a 4-point seatbelt. The majority of the interior is taken up by the roll cage that is built to FIA specifications. This is a mandatory requirement and combined with other safety equipment such as the fire proof race overalls and the seat-belt, is a lifesaver when things go south.

The dashboard is now turned into a master control panel that controls the major electrical and electronic functionalities of this race car. The car also has advanced data logging systems that help to analyse various parameters such as lap timing, throttle and brake positions at any given point in a lap and compare it with other drivers’ data. This data is used in the driver development throughout the racing season. All the 20 drivers that participate in the championship will get equally prepared cars so that the competition boils down to the drivers talent. We are all thrilled to see these cars in action soon in our racetracks.

Here is the video of the quick tour of the car that we had at the Auto Expo.

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