Tesla Model S erupts in fire in China – investigations underway

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Tesla Model S erupts in fire in China - investigations underway

Any car may catch fire if it is involved in an accident or has been tampered with. But the latest news shows a parked Tesla Model S spontaneously burst into flames in Shanghai. Previously a few Tesla Model S have caught fire but after taking damage to the Lithium-ion batteries. The cause is unknown as for now and we will have to wait for Tesla’s report on it.

In a statement, Tesla posted, “After learning about the incident in Shanghai, we dispatched a team to the scene last night as soon as possible. We are actively liaising with the relevant departments and cooperating with the verification of the situation. According to the current information, there were no casualties.”

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Tesla Model S erupts in fire in China - investigations underway
Photo – New China TV

Tesla has dispatched a team to look into the event. The incident is also on a security camera. The video shows a thick white smoke erupt from under the car, where the batteries are located. It then burst into flames also taking two other cars down with it. Batteries sparking into flames is the major concern in electric cars.

However, Tesla claims that spontaneous combustion of intact battery packs is highly unusual. Also, Tesla claims that an electric car is ten times less likely to catch fire than a vehicle powered by gasoline. After the two incidents in 2014, Tesla is now installing titanium underbody protection to protect the batteries. Tesla is also gaining huge popularity in China recently. 20 per cent of Tesla’s sales are from China and this speaks for it self.


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