Volkswagen is celebrating 10 years of Polo in India

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Volkswagen Introduced Sports Edition Of Polo, Ameo, And Vento With Some Major Changes

Volkswagen is celebrating 10 years of the Polo hatchback in India. The hatchback entered production in 2009 and has since transformed the hatchback scene in India. When hatchbacks were just any other car, Volkswagen entered the scenario with the Polo. With sharp and subtle creases, this sub-4 meter hatch was qualified to be called as Hot-Hatch. Though the Polo silhouette remained the same, it received timely updates in terms of power train, design and feature updates.

Speaking on the occasion, Steffen Knapp, Director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars said, “Today, marks a milestone in our India journey with the Volkswagen Polo completing a decade long presence in this region. World over, the Polo has been the most loved car with over 14 million units being sold. We’re glad Polo in India is significantly contributing and has quickly become the best-selling car in our portfolio. Till date, the Polo receives 45 per cent of first-time buyers with a strong preference towards the GT TSI variant, which comes with our globally renowned DSG gearbox.”

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Initially, the Polo was available with a 1.6L petrol and 1.2L diesel engines. The 1.6L MPI petrol engine made a 105 horses and was a proper hot hatch material. Later, the 1.6L MPI was dropped and a 1.2L Petrol engine took its place. Though this was a mediocre engine, it fell into the “affordable” bracket and sales numbers went north. The polo was the first car to score a decent 4 star rating in Global NCAP testing with 2 standard airbags.

The Motorsport diary

Volkswagen also set the Indian racing circuits on fire with the race-spec polo. Though they now run the Ameo Cup championship, The Polo Cup was a grassroots level motorsport – aimed at making motorsport accessible to everyone. Volkswagen Motorsport India is by far, the most successful one make championship series in India.

The Polo GT

Later on, Volkswagen introduced the GT trims in the Polo. The engines were 1.2L TSI and 1.6L TDI. While the petrol engine is available with the 7 Speed DSG box, the diesel GT was available with a manual gear box. Both the engines developed about 105 horses.

The GTI Chapter

Later on, Volkswagen bought the GTI trim to India. It is available only in a 3 door format and took the Hot-hatch crown from the Abarth Punto. Though priced at INR 25 lakhs, the 190 bhp 1.8L engine is enough to set your hearts racing. It had a 7 speed DSG Box and a top speed of 235 Km/h

Though the little car is 10 years old in India, it still continues to turn heads wherever it goes.

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