Tata Tigor with CNG kit catches fire in Gujarat

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Tata Tigor with CNG kit catches fire in Gujarat

A Tata Tigor, fitted with a CNG kit, caught fire while on the road. The incident happened in Gujarat as the owner reportedly had used unauthorized CNG kit. In the case of CNG, the fail-safe method is to buy cars with factory fitted CNG kits. The next option is to go for Government authorized CNG kits and workshops to fit them. Due to the high cost involved in retrofitting a CNG kit, some owners go with CNG kits that are unauthorized by the Government. When using unauthorized CNG kits, the warranty becomes void and you cannot claim insurance if the need arises.

CNG (short form for Compressed Natural Gas) cars have been off the radar for the private car buyers. They are now seen as a viable option, with the rising fuel prices. Sure, the CNG dispensing infrastructure is not as widespread as petrol and diesel pumps. Add to the fact that we need to compromise on the less power output. But, there is no denying the fact how much cheap CNG is as compared with Petrol or Diesel. However, while you consider the retrofitting of CNG kit, it is advisable to fit only government approved CNG kits incase your car manufacturer does not provide a company fitted kit. Additionally, always look for an authorized workshop to fit your CNG kit.

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There are 3 main types of CNG kits

  • Open loop systems – It uses Throttle body delivery system. However, needs regular tuning and mandatory periodic checks. Open Loop system does not auto correct the Lamda readings
  • Closed loop systems – It uses Lamda sensor to regulate the flow of gas into the intake manifold, by reading the O2 emissions.
  • Sequential CNG systems – Similar to closed loop systems, but uses separate ECU to manage all Gas functions. It also uses a separate fuel injection rail system that automatically mixes the gas and air in the correct ratio. However, the downside is that the OEM MPFI injector setup has to be disconnected.

The car in case, the TATA Tigor, is offered with petrol and diesel engine options only. CNG is not offered, even as an option on any of the variants.

But, TATA has been producing Tigor Electric vehicle to be used by Government officials. Recently car sharing platform Zoomcar has deployed the Tigor EV in their fleet in select cities. It is not available to the general public yet.

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