Tata Tiago Hits Tractor, Again Proves its Agility and Durability

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Tata Tiago Proves Again its Agility and Durability

Tata Tiago Hatchback has proved to be one of the best selling car for Tata Motors and its IMPACT design has amazed lot of us which can be seen through increased number of Tiago’s running every month. In country like India wherein people rarely think about safety features before buying a car, manufacturer like Tata motors are ensuring more durability and safety to its car and even the small budget cars as well. Earlier, we have seen multiple incident of Tiago crash results. This time there is different case though which shows how agile and safe are Tata cars. An accident between Tractor and Tiago which could turn fatal. Well, don’t believe us? Here is the fact proving us.

Tiago Pillars are still intact after the hit
Tiago Pillars are still intact after the impact

Recently, a Tiago Owner from Tamil Nadu tweeted to Tata Motors, thanking for the strong car which saved his life from the fatal accident without any losses. At first look from the photos shared by Mr. Vijay it can be seen that the Car has crashed with the tractor from the left side at the front at dark. The car rolled twice before coming to halt upside down.

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Tiago went upside down after two roll overs
The Car went upside down after two roll overs

The tractor took the impact and was just, like, tore apart. The tractor can be seen into two pieces, the body and engine area are complete de-attached. However, the Tiago at the front has damaged bumper in the left side but the pillars are intact without any damage which actually shows the agility and durability of the car frame. Though the roof and wind shield was damaged badly as it rolled over.


Tractors are like rude, tough guys and looking at the pictures it is clearly evident that the impact was very high. The Airbags deployed at time which helped the driver come out unhurt. The Car which met with the unfortunate accident was a top XZ trim which comes loaded with features like ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) plus EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) and dual front airbags. We are although not sure if the ABS were helpful here to steer off the incoming tractor and take the impact at the left side. But it is very clear that Tata Tiago is not just beauty but has some macho inside to keep people safe inside.

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Tractor with took impact after colliding with Tiago
Tractor with took impact after colliding with TataTiago




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