TATA Motors Starts Rolling Out Tigor EV With Powertrain From Electra EV

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TATA Motors Started Rolling Out Tigor EV With Power-Train From Electra EV

Tata motors on a revolutionary path, rolled out its first Electric vehicle Tigor EV – powered by Power-train from Electra EV. The Homegrown auto giant had earlier bagged tender from government to deliver 10,000 electric vehicles, beating Mahindra at lowest bid of 11.2 lakh per Vehicle.

At the roll-out of the first batch of Tigor EVs, Guenter Butschek, CEO & MD, Tata Motors, said, “It is indeed a momentous occasion for us as we have shown an exemplary teamwork spirit to overcome all challenges in delivering this project. I also recognize the invaluable contribution made by Electra EV as part of this team. With Tigor EV, we have begun our journey in boosting e-mobility and offering a full range of electric vehicles to the Indian customers. This tender has effectively paved way for connecting our aspirations in the e-mobility space with the vision of the government.”

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TATA Motors Started Rolling Out Tigor EV With Power-Train From Electra EV
TATA Motors Started Rolling Out Tigor EV With Power-Train From Electra EV

The Tigor EV is the first phase consignment for 350 vehicles and out of which 250 are to be delivered as per the LOA (Letter of Appointment) and for rest 100 units LoA has not been issued, which is expected to be received soon.

The Tigor EV specification are not officially out, however, the leaked ARAI certification confirms that the Electric version of Tigor is powered by a AC 3-Phase electric motor (sourced from Electra EV). The maximum output of 40 BHP was measured at 55 km/h. The electric motor was gone through a standard ARAI of maximum 30 minute power test. In this test, average power is recorded at a specific speed, at which the net power is greater than 90% of the maximum output (40 BHP). In the Tigor EVs case, an average of 16 BHP was recorded at 45 km/h.

The Tigor EV is 1516 kg which is nearly 200 kg lighter than Mahindra eVerito which too has similar power churning capacity which increases the chances of the Tigor to raise its maximum distance.

Although the document does not clarifies the maximum distance that can be covered on a single charge or the time its takes to get fully charged.

The Tigor EV is yet to be launched at commercial market. However, the buzz it created has started the demand already.
This Electric vehicle may change the struggling homegrown company’s fortune along side with its new successful launches like Tiago, Tigor, Nexon and Hexa.

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