Tata Nexon PUBG edition – popular video game based modifications

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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a video game taking the internet by a storm. So much so that a Tata Nexon owner has modified his car into a PUBG special edition. The mods are based on the Red Rhino kit of the Tata Nexon. The Tata Nexon PUBG edition design is neither created by the game company nor by Tata and is only created by the owner.

Tata Nexon PUBG edition – all the modifications:

Tata Nexon PUBG edition - popular video game based modifications

A video on Youtube by the owner gives us a detailed look at all the mods features in it. It gets a livery inspired by the online game. The highlight changes are all the PUBG inspired stickers that can be found all around the car. The front bonnet gets a ‘Conquerer’ badge sticker. The driver side door features a sticker saying “Straight outta Pochinki”. Pochinki is a hotspot located in the online game well known among enthusiasts. Other famous slogans like “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner” also make it on the exteriors.

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We also appreciate the minor attention to detail in this build. The Red Rhino kit gets a red trim that runs across the top of the doors. This is also modified to include a bullet in the middle. The rear windshield also features a part of the map of PUBG. Other elements of the Red Rhino kit like the blacked out front grille and red accents help the design stand out.

The interiors also get some PUBG inspired equipment. We can see a fuel jerry can on the air con vents. A PUBG pan is on the dashboard also makes its way. Also in the boot of the car we can see a helmet and an air drop on a grass floor mat.

Tata Nexon PUBG edition - popular video game based modifications

The Red Rhino kit costs Rs 35,000. On top of that, all the stickers and other accessories will add up to Rs 4500.



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