Tata Nexon Falls: Since last months, we have come across many reports regarding Tata Nexon accidents. However, in most of the collisions, the owners of the Nexon praised the construction of the compact SUV following severe mishaps. The reasons for the accidents could be because the drivers of the car must be driving too vigorously or it can be simply a misfortune. Recently, another case was reported which deal with the Tata Nexon. An owner of Tata Nexon met with a life-threatening accident, although he escaped from the situation safely. After that, he praised the build-quality of the car which he thinks saved his life without even a single injury.

The owner of the Nexon was Surinder Shan, a resident of Jammu. As per his statement, he was traveling from Jammu to Doda in his Nexon. He said that while reaching Batote, his vehicle, unfortunately, fell into the 20-foot ditch. He posted the details of the incident in his Facebook post with pictures of the incident. In his Facebook post, he thanked the build quality of Nexon which he thinks saved his life without a single injury.

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Tata Nexon Falls Into A 20-foot Ditch: Owner Escapes Safely
Tata Nexon Falls Into A 20-foot Ditch: Owner Escapes Safely

The pictures posted by Mr. Shan clearly explains the outcome of the rollover mishap. As per the images, after the incident, the car has undergone surprisingly few scratches to its building body, which enabled the sufferer to safely escape from the accident. There are numerous cars with bad built-quality, which crushes easily after major accidents if running at great speed. These cheap cars are dangerous to buy only if you don’t want to risk your life. Tata Nexon has a good seeling report since its launch and has become one of the best selling cars in last months.

A similar incident was also reported where Tata Nexon falls but saved the life of a victim. Shreejith Kumar from Goa was driving Tata Nexon compact SUV along with his family. The streets of Goa are notably dense in a few areas. To prevent a crash from approaching transport, he turned left side and took the left tires away from the path. After that, the front left passenger side tire punctured. He lost control of the car and it turned into the ditch, dropping upturned. Fortunately, all the peoples in the car were absolutely safe and the car was also not very badly damaged. Many automotive manufacturers are working hard on the safety features to produce superior next-gen vehicles with all required safety elements.

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