[VIDEO] Tata Nano transformed to a helicopter – Dreams taking flight

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tata nano to a helicopter

Aim for the stars so that even if you fail you will land on the Moon. 24 year old Mithilesh from Bihar has just landed on the moon. Well – not literally though, but through his hard work despite his circumstances. He has converted his Tata Nano to look like a helicopter with conventional design elements.

Mithilesh Prasad, hailing from Simari village in Baniyapur, Bihar, always wanted to design and fly helicopters. But due to his circumstances, he could not pursue his dream of designing and flying one. Though he is working has a pipe fitter, he did not let his dream fade away into harsh reality of the society.

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Undeterred, went on to modify his Tata Nano to look like a helicopter. His Look alike helicopter has conventional design elements such as Main rotor, tail boom and tail rotor. Yet, this modified Nano cannot take to the skies. The design is purely visual and not functional. Colorful LED lights decorate the panels. He has also given the interior – a helicopter like look. It took Mithilesh and his brother, seven months to complete this project and they invested about INR 7 lakhs.

A Dream that proved impossible is nothing

Tata Nano is not just a small and affordable car. It is an ambitious project that proved that nothing is impossible. When Ratan Tata came up with the idea of a Lakh rupee car, he left all of us stunned. Despite many setbacks, Tata motors made this dream into a reality. They even had to move the factory from West Bengal to Gujarat. Though the car did not take off well with the common public, it still reminds us that with hard work anything can be achieved.

Video, courtesy of: Ruptly

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