Tata Harrier SUV is scheduled to be launched early next year. The company is getting ready to introduce the new SUV in the automotive market and to increase the excitement, the company also released some teasers. The previous teaser has revealed the shape of the Harrier and now, they have disclosed the engine specs and performance which will power the off-roader.

In the latest teaser, Tata Motors revealed that upcoming Harrier SUV will be equipped with a latest powerful 2.0-litre Kryotec diesel engine under the hood. The company has claimed that the brand-new Kryotec motor will have the best Diesel engine unit that makes the Harrier distinct from other. The engine is inspired by the cryogenic rocket engines which are known for its strength and safety.

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Video Tata Harrier SUV Engine Performance And Drive Modes Explained
Video Tata Harrier SUV Engine Performance And Drive Modes Explained

The new vehicle will be introduced with higher torque figures and increased driving modes highlighting the ESP Terrain response modes which will make the rides more efficient. The new engine is BSVI-compliant that is coupled with an eVGT (electronically controlled variable geometry turbocharger) to reduce several bits of turbo slowdown. The bold looking Harrier is ready to rock the automotive market with its efficiency and off-roading performance.

Moreover, the latest engine will also highlight a low friction valve train architecture and a superior EGR system to satisfy the forceful emission and efficiency norms to come into impact next year. According to the company, the motor in the Harrier is thoroughly tested under difficult conditions to check durability in severe circumstances, and also for off-roading capabilities.

Video Tata Harrier SUV Engine Performance And Drive Modes Explained
Video Tata Harrier SUV Engine Performance And Drive Modes Explained

Tata Motors has developed the vehicle on an advanced automated construction course, the OMEGA platform present torsional and turning stiffness. The company has adopted high tensile steel to enhance the quality and durability of the SUV. The five-seater variant will run on a four-cylinder, the turbocharged motor which will generate nearly 140PS of power. It is also expected to get a the seven-seater range, after the launch of the standard model which will deliver higher power figure of up to 170PS.

The engine will be combined with a six-speed manual and a six-speed automatic options. The all-new Tata Harrier will rival against the popularity of Hyundai Creta for the entry-level model and the Jeep Compass for the top-spec variants. The vehicle is expected to be introduced in January 2019. The advanced Harrier is ready to give a tough fight to all the popular cars in the SUV range.

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