Tata Harrier dealer mod revealed – The Kraz Edition

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Tata Harrier is in the news again. Last time was when Harrier’s windshield survived a six hit during the IPL. This time it’s not about any survival, but about a new avatar. Well, not in entirety though. This dealer level modification is based on the Nexon Kraz Edition. A little background would be of help here. The Nexon Kraz edition was launched in September 2018 to mark the anniversary of the Sub-compact SUV, the Nexon.

Tata Harrier Kraz

The striking feature of the Nexon Kraz edition was the neo-green accents on the ORVM, alloy wheels and the front grille. It also received neo-green stitching on the and a silver-colored contrast roof. But, the Harrier in our case is a dealer level mod. So, the changes are less obvious than the company offered Nexon Kraz.

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Harrier Kraz
Tata Harrier Kraz

So, what are the changes in the Harrier Kraz? To start with, we have a silver color paint scheme with a contrasting black roof. Then, there are Kraz inspired contrasting accents on the front grille and the rear doors. The dealer has also given it dual tone alloys.

Oh, and there is this H5X badge (err.. we’ll be honest here, a sticker), a huge one, on both the front doors. The door handles too are treated to contrast black color and its a nice touch. Check out the video below to find more.


The dual tone alloys are treated in a way to make it look like the one from the concept, the H5X.

The Harrier is the company’s Flagship SUV. It has managed to outsell the Jeep Compass and Mahindra XUV500, only months after its launch. More and more owners are modifying the Harrier, some even giving it a bigger set of rims and low profile tires. So, in all, a dealer level modification is a much welcome thing. But, we need to be cautious here as the apex court has banned any sort of modification to vehicles, pertaining to details that will be mentioned in the Registration Certificate.

Image and video, courtesy of Power & Torque.

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