Tata Harrier Dimensions Revealed – Bigger Than Its Competition

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Yes, another update about the upcoming Tata Harrier. Till this time we already know a lot about the Harrier, about the interior features and the exterior look.
But today we bring you the exact dimensions of Tata Harrier and compare it against it rivals. Let’s run down the numerical figures first. The Harrier will be 4,598mm long , 1.894mm wide, 1,714mm tall and carries a wheelbase of 2,741mm.


With these figures Tata Harrier stands at the top among it’s competetion, by offering the longest length and widest stance. So, Harrier will offer great street presence with it’s stance and bigger dimensions. At almost 4.6m long Tata Harrier will offers loads of space for it’s 5 occupants as well as their luggage. Harrier carries the same wheelbase as the Land Rover Discovery Sport which is not a coincidence as both the SUV share same platform.

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Comparing the Harrier to it’s direct competitor Mahindra XUV 500, Harrier definately has an advantage over the dimensions. XUV 500 is 13mm and 4mm smaller in length and width, but that’s not the main point. Harrier has a wheelbase advantage of 41mm over the XUV 500. Keeping in mind that the XUV 500 comes with 7 seat option and is still smaller than Harrier. Although the XUV 500 stands taller by 71mm. XUV 500 gets a larger engine with 155hp and 360Nm of torque.
The Hyundai Creta stands no chance against the Tata Harrier when comparing size. The Tata is 328mm longer, 114mm wider, 84mm taller. Also Harrier offers 151mm longer wheelbase, that is a lot. Creta is the smallest in the segment with smallest engine and dimensions.
Jeep Compass and Tata Harrier share the same engine but that is where the simliarities end. It is also smaller than the Harrier, thought not as much as the Creta. Harrier has 105mm more wheelbase and it is 203mm longer , 76mm wider and 74mm taller. Thought both car get the same engine Jeep compass offers the highest state of tune with 173bhp on tap and 350Nm of torque.
All of these 3 cars come with petrol engines except the Harrier. And there’s no word from Tata about the pterol variant. Also the competetion gets automatic option, Harrier will soon be offered with it. But firstly it will launch with Diesel + 6-speed manual combination. Tata Harrier come with two tire options based on the variants – 235/70 R16 and 235/65 R17. While the top end variant getting 17-inch wheels.

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Tata Harrier is expected to price the Harrier between Rs. 15-20 lakhs. At this price it will undercut the Jeep Compass and provide a great competition to XUV 500 and Hyundai Creta. Tata Harrier will launch next month and is available for booking at Tata showrooms.

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