Tata’s Cassini to enter the 7-Seater orbit soon

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Lo and behold, Tata’s Cassini is here and is set to enter the 7-Seater orbit soon. It’s not a spacecraft we’re talking about here, but the 7-seater version of the Harrier. Tata made it clear that the name “Buzzard” is only for Geneva show purposes and the actual name for Indian Market will be revealed close to launch. The 7-seater version will be called Buzzard in the European markets though.

That left us wondering, “What will it be called in India?”. The answer might just be here. Patent filings by Tata motors reveal that the 7-seater version of the Harrier could be called “Cassini”. The name has been derived from one of the ambitious space mission ever, Cassini-Huygens. The mission was set to explore the planet Saturn and was a collaboration between NASA, ESA, and ASI.

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The Cassini is the next big thing from Tata Motors after the Altroz in its onslaught and will be launched later this year. It is longer than the Harrier and has an upright tailgate. This is to accommodate the third row of seats. The rear quarter glass is also bigger to let in more light.

The Cassini will get what the Harrier had missed. The Six-speed, Hyundai sourced torque converter and a 4×4 system. We can also expect a sunroof here. The terrain management system will also be tweaked to allow for better functionality with the 4×4 system. The engine is the same 2 Litre from FCA but will be available in a different state of tune, delivering 170 BHP. This will, for sure make the Cassini more fun to drive.

Expect the Cassini to be priced competitively. Despite being in the same segment as the Fortuner, Endeavor, and Alturas G4, Tata will price the Cassini very competitively. This is because of the fact that Cassini shares the parts bin with the Harrier. We expect it to be priced between 16-21 lakhs.

Source: Express Drives

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