Tata Motors showroom staff beats frustrated customer live on YouTube

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Showroom staff beat customer

Building a great car is one thing. But, building a relationship with a customer and turning that relationship into brand loyalty is a whole different story. Not many are good at that. It takes patience and perseverance to build an everlasting relationship with a customer.

Now, in India, a new car is welcomed into a family as a new member. Many of us spend sleepless nights, planning and saving for months and months to pick our first car. The guys at the dealership act as a bridge between us, the owner and the company. The experience with these guys can make or break the ownership experience for us.

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Sadly though, for one Tata Motors customer, things certainly didn’t go well with the guys at Malwa Motors, Prashant Vihar, New Delhi. This is how the chain of events go, as described by the customer. He had booked Tata Tiago in orange color with the dealer by paying INR 11,000 a long time before.

Despite the fact that the official website still lists the orange color for that car, the customer was told that the company had stopped production in orange color. Seriously? what were the showroom guys thinking here?

So, the customer opts for silver color. He had also booked some accessories for an additional INR 11,000 and was promised that the accessories will be fitted at the time of delivery.

But, to his surprise, the accessories weren’t fitted at the time of delivery. Frustrated, he took delivery of his car after being assured that the accessories will be fitted the next day by a service person who will visit his house.

Three days passed. Nobody came and after repeated calls, Malwa motors sent a person with half the accessories he had bought. Essentials like seat covers were still missing. The frustrated customer decided to ask questions to people at Malwa motors, on the camera. As he entered the showroom, the staff started to shout at him. One even says, “I will break your phone”. Though the customer was patient in his approach, the showroom officials lost their cool after they came to know he is making a video on his phone.

Though the customer eventually obliges to the request to turn off the recording, all the screaming and pushing around was not really needed at all.

We, at WheelBHP, strongly condemn this unruly act of the dealership staff towards the customer. Tata Motors should thoroughly investigate the issue at hand and take stern action.

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