Suzuki Motor Corporation’s No. 2 manufacturing plant in Gujarat has started the production of the company’s vehicles. The cent percent subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation – the Suzuki Motor Gujarat has finished the construction of the second plant in Gujarat. The SMG subsidiary was set up in March 2014. The Suzuki Motor Gujarat subsidiary was set up by the parent company with the aim to secure production ability keeping pace with the growth of the automobile market in our country as well as for expanding the exports from India.

The production of Maruti Suzuki Swift hatchback has already began from the plant no. 2 earlier this month. Thus the manufacturer has now the capacity of the production of 20 lakhs vehicles per year. The manufacturer’s plant no. 1 commenced their production operations back in February, 2017. The plant no. 2 and the power train plant were under construction then. The hatchback models like Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Maruti Suzuki Swift are produced by the Plant No.1 where as the Plant No. 2 will be producing the Maruti Suzuki Swift exclusively. The Plant No. 1 and Plant No. 2 together has the production ability of 5,00,000 units, each plant having production capacity of 2.5 lakh units. Maruti Suzuki has the production capacity of 15 lakh units, together with this the 5 lakh units contributed by the plant no. 1 and plant no. 2 the total production capacity of the Suzuki Motor Corporation stands to 20 lakh units.

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Suzuki Motor Corporation's Plant No.2 Rolls Out Swift Hatchback
Suzuki Motor Corporation’s Plant No.2 Rolls Out Swift Hatchback

Suzuki Motor Corporation’s third plant is reported to start operations from 2020. Speaking at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit here, Suzuki Motor Corporation (SMC) President Toshihiro Suzuki also sought an enabling policy support from the government to further invest in localisation of components of hybrid and electric vehicles, “SMC is making investments in Gujarat on a continuous basis. The first vehicle assembly plant of Suzuki Motor Gujarat was inaugurated in September 2017, he said.” The second plant will start shortly. We plan to commission the third assembly plant in 2020,” Suzuki said. In a statement on Friday, SMC said it has started production of its hatchback Swift from the second plant in Gujarat. After three plants in operations, annual production capacity of Suzuki Motor Gujarat will be enhanced up to 7,50,000 units, he said. The company will also start production at its engine and transmission plant in the state shortly, he added.

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