Suzuki Jimny JB74 reporting for Duty!

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Jimny Carabinieri

Yes, you read the title right. Suzuki Jimny is, of course, reporting for duty! As much as we wish it to happen in India, this is in Italy. Italy’s Military Police or Carabinieri as they are known, has inducted a fleet of 10 Fourth Generation Suzuki Jimny for Patrolling purposes. Other vehicles in the Carabinieri’s fleet include Alfa Romeo Giula QV, Lotus Evora, Land Rover Discovery, a handful of Fiat cars such as Punto and Stilo. It doesn’t stop there. They also have monstrous vehicles such as Iveco VM 90 and the Mercedes Unimog.

The Suzuki Jimny’s have undergone some serious training (ahem, read modifications) before they were inducted to the Carabinieri. To start with, they sport the iconic dual done paint scheme – Arma Blue with a white roof. The next thing you will notice is the patroling and searchlights on the roof. The Carabinieri Jimny comes with two blue color LED lights on the roof. They also perform the function of the cruise lights. There is also a white LED searchlight, mounted on the center of the roof. Next comes the two-tone siren, which is to be used at times of need. There are also two small LED lights, positioned just before the front grille. They are blue colored flashlights.

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The controls of all these lights and sirens are placed on the center of the dashboard so that they are accessible by both of the front occupants. The interior is also modified so as to carry ordnance weapons, which are secured with lock and key. They also come equipped with fire extinguishers and snow chains.

The Indian Connection

The Suzuki Jimny is no stranger to Indian Armed forces. The Indian Armed forces have been extensively using the second generation of the Jimny, The Gypsy. It is also popular among rally enthusiasts for the simplicity and the modification-friendly nature. The Jimny, in its current generation is powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, developing 105 PS and 130 Nm of peak torque

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Image, courtesy of TopGear

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