Suzuki Connect – A smart connectivity solution by Maruti Suzuki

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Suzuki Connect - A smart connectivity solution by Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki today announced the launch of its advanced telematics solution ‘Suzuki Connect’ for its NEXA customers. Suzuki Connect aims to enhance user convenience and experience through advanced technology for emergency alerts, vehicle tracking, live vehicle status, and preventive maintenance calls.

‘Suzuki Connect’ will be available as an option that can be installed by customers in their cars across the NEXA network in the country. Once installed and connected with a smartphone through the Nexa App, customers can experience its progressive features like emergency alerts, vehicle tracking, driving behavior analysis, car assistance,  driving analytics report amongst a host of other features.

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Introducing `Suzuki Connect’ to the customers, Mr. R S Kalsi, Senior Executive Director, Marketing & Sales, Maruti Suzuki said, “Suzuki Connect is an advanced telematics solution developed and tested in India to offer seamless connected car experience to car owners. A nationwide extensive study was conducted to understand the challenges that Indian car owners face daily and their expectations from these solutions. It empowers customers to manage a host of services such as emergency alerts, vehicle tracking, driving behavior analysis, car assistance, and many more functions on their fingertips and create a delightful car ownership experience. Unlike other OBD based telematics solutions available in the market, ‘Suzuki Connect’ is a TCU based solution which is better, safer and more user-friendly.”

‘Suzuki Connect’ is developed and rigorously tested in India and extensively incorporates learning from driving behavior and challenges faced by Indian customers. This is a step towards the development of a comprehensive ecosystem of “Connected Cars”.

One of the significant features of ‘Suzuki Connect’ is that it is `deeply embedded’ and is very difficult to tamper. Over 2800 technicians have been trained to install the equipment on cars.  While offering a connected ownership experience, it also provides proactive warnings to car user on vehicle health to ensure a seamless experience.

Built on the pillar of technology, it utilizes a Telematics Control Unit (TCU), which exchanges information through the cellular network with a centralized server connected to NEXA customer care, subject to applicable terms and conditions of the NEXA app. The device can be configured to send information up to 5 selected users in case of an emergency.‘Suzuki Connect’ is available at an attractive price of Rs. 9,999/- (inclusive of taxes) for three-year subscription of this solution for all NEXA customers.

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