Story Of Sushma Middle: The Only Female Uber Driver In Kolkata

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Story Of Sushma Middle: The Only Female Uber Driver In Kolkata

We hear many inspiring stories every day, but this one is just amazing. In India, it is not common to see a women Uber Driver or women driving a taxi. Although, many women are changing their thoughts and stepping forward in this profession. Uber, the popular ride-sharing service not just employs males as a driver, they also offer job opportunities for women. However, there are lakhs of male drivers in uber and only few hundred female drivers.

Sushma Middle, a 28-year-old lady is the only Uber’s female driver partner in Kolkata, she is happy to choose this profession. Till now, she has achieved more than 500 drives. Her husband is handicapped but drives an electric rickshaw and she also has a 13-year-old son who is in the hostel. She sent her son to the hostel just to focus on her profession and also for his good future. Sushma works with complete dedication and focuses since she has prepared herself to work as a driver.

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Story Of Sushma Middle: The Only Female Uber Driver In Kolkata
Story Of Sushma Middle: The Only Female Uber Driver In Kolkata

Sushma Middle said: I was doing a bunch of odd jobs, but couldn’t put my mind to it. One day, I was just generally chatting with an Uncle and he got exasperated and said, “Go! Be a taxi driver!”. He meant it as a joke, but the idea stuck to my head, and I was thought, “ I have to be a driver now!” I didn’t tell my parents that I was choosing this life, but my husband was completely supportive. Now, of course, my parents are very proud of me. This car is my life. If it gets a scratch, it’s like my soul hurts.

Being an only female Uber driver, Sushma doesn’t get shocked by the opinions of her riders and the society. She is the real inspiration for many women who have financial difficulties and upset with their life. You don’t need to care about the society as there are many peoples who will try to dominate you, but you should never be affected by them. Sushma told a story which happened to her:
“There was a customer who was giving me directions and finally got frustrated and said, ‘Stop wasting my time and pass the phone on to the driver’. I couldn’t stop laughing! Who did he think I was all this while?”. She further said, “Well, there was this one time when a man told me that women only look good in the kitchen. This was while I was trying to reverse my car. I reversed all the way to where he was standing and gave him a perfect answer.”

The reason behind becoming an Uber driver is that Sushma wants to own a house and she also wants her son to become a good human being. “That’s it. I have no big dreams” she claimed. Till now, she hasn’t faced any problem as an Uber driver. Her message to peoples who think that a female cannot be a driver is “Women can do everything”. Since childhood, she desired to do something different and became an only female Uber driver in Kolkata.

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Source: The Quint

S. Vishwakarma

S. Vishwakarma

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