Steelbird SB-51 Rally Helmet is the latest from the Indian company. This is a unique two in one helmet for cars and motorcycles. It is designed especially for car rallies – a substitute to the expensive rally helmets.

The SB-51 comes with a unique design and looks. The manufacturer says the unique selling point of this helmet is the extended mouthguard it comes with. This helps in protecting the microphone inside the helmet. It also helps in giving higher quality sound as it avoids direct wind blasts.

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Steelbird SB-51 - new rally helmets for both cars and motorcycles

The design inspiration for the helmet comes from the world of rally motorsports and motocross. The design comes from Italy and has a compact form factor. It also gets premium replaceable interiors. This designed keeping the comfort of the rider in mind. Also, it has the provision in the interiors to easily place the speakers of the Bluetooth device. Steelbird claims it is the perfect Bluetooth replaceable helmet.

On the looks front, the Steelbird SB-51 also gets a carbon fiber finish. This finish comes in Red, White, and Black color. Steelbird is also offering an extremely wide palette of colors. You can pick one up in – Battle Green, Hot Pink, Midnight Black, Desert Storm, Maroon, Moon Yellow, Royal Brown and many more. All the colors also have an option of matte or glossy finish.

Steelbird SB-51 - new rally helmets for both cars and motorcycles



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