Workers Steal Two New Renault Duster SUVs From Chennai Factory

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Workers Steal Two New Renault Duster SUVs From Chennai Factory

New Renault Duster: The Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt. factory has systematized a strict security arrangement, but two of its employees have proved that the security is vulnerable. Recently, two staff members at Renault-Nissan factory at Oragadam, Chennai, succeeded to steal two newly manufactured, Duster SUVs. Not just that, they also exchanged one vehicle to a customer for only INR 6 lakhs. The actual estimated price of the robbed New Renault Duster is INR 25 lakh.

The staff members easily accomplished the mission by fooling the factory’s security system using fraudulent registration plates, two used old cars and simulated gate passes. The employees know that the registration number of all the vehicles are recorded at the factory’s gate so they exchanged the number plates of the used cars on two all-new Duster SUVs and successfully took it away. However, they both were caught and arrested by Tamil Nadu police. The two technicians, Marimuthu (28) alias Mohamed Asharaf of Kundrathur and M Arun Kumar (27) of Tondiarpet are accused of stealing two dusters directly from the factory.

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Workers Steal Two New Renault Duster SUVs From Chennai Factory
Workers Steal Two New Renault Duster SUVs From Chennai Factory

They were not new employees of the factory as they were working at the Renault-Nissan factory at Oragadam for more than 7 years. The technicians were arrested when they were searching for a customer to sell the other vehicle as the first one was already sold to a buyer, Kumar for only Rs 6 lakh. The Tamilnadu police captured a brown, and a silver Duster, attached with fake number plates TN10AJ9283 and TN01AV2244.

Regarding the case, the investigators claimed:
“Company officials discovered on January 22 that two newly-manufactured SUVs were missing. The vehicles, they found, were in the company yard till at least January 7, awaiting delivery to Renault Nissan showrooms. They knew that the security guards would only jot down the registration numbers and not take note of make of the vehicles when they left the parking lot. So they entered the premises in two worn-out vehicles, put the fake number plates on new SUVs and made away with them.”

The work of the two fraud employees was to test drive the manufactured vehicles outside the plant hence, this operation was not so difficult for them to accomplish. You must know that the buyer of the stolen cars could also land into legal trouble, so be very careful while purchasing a car from outsiders.

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