Skoda sells a fake Skoda Rapid Black Package – replaces after 3 years

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Skoda sells a fake Black Edition Rapid - replaces after 3 years

In a bizarre case, a Skoda dealership in Bangalore sold a regular Rapid as a Skoda Rapid Black Package. A customer in Bangalore approached Vinayak Skoda for the purchase of a Skoda Rapid Black. The dealership instead sold a regular Rapid with the parts of a Black Package Rapid.

This first came into light from the tax invoice. The invoice mentioned the cost of the car as Rs 9,24,740 instead of the Rs 9,72,617 quoted by the dealership. The documents also did not mention the limited edition or Black Package anywhere. The customer paid a total of Rs 11.8 lakh (on road) with Rs 20,000 as a booking payment in advance. The dealer also asked Rs 30,000 a few days later for providing the proforma invoice. He finally received the car on October 31, 2016.

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Skoda sells a fake Black Edition Rapid - replaces after 3 years

However, a few weeks later the car’s headlamp’s flash and high-beam stopped working. When he confronted the dealership, they edited the tax invoice to include Black Package in it. He approached the technicians, who after many days pointed out the problem – the headlamps were fine but the projector lamps that came along with the Black Package were malfunctioning. This is when the customer realized that parts were switched by the dealer.

The customer also checked on the MySkoda app using the car’s VIN to find out that it was indeed just a regular Rapid. He then filed a case with the consumer court for unfair trade practices and cheating. Skoda offered to replace his car with a new one. Earlier this year, both the parties reached a settlement. Finally, on March 23, 2019, the customer took delivery of his new car.

Skoda should look into its dealerships and similar cases are reported across the country quite frequently. We believe proper customer relationship is essential for any brand to thrive in a country like India.


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